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Go Green Express Home Services is leading the way to a cleaner, greener, more cost efficient home service company. Setting our standards above our competition makes us the Hudson Valley’s premier choice for green plumbing, heating, HVAC, and contracting services. Based in Newburgh, NY, we are your Orange County plumbers. Our service area includes Orange County, Dutchess County, Putnam County,  Ulster County and Rockland County, NY.

We provide complete solutions for the design, supply and installation of environmental plumbing including boiler installations, rainwater tanks, solar hot water, and storm water systems.

Our services are maximized for efficiency and minimized for the loss of natural resources.

Call us 24 hours a day 7 days a week at 866-491-2768.

Plumbing Eco-Friendly Plumbing Solutions

Hudson Valley NY PlumbingWhen a plumbing emergency strikes, we guarantee our service to be on time, on price, clean and green. Our plumbing infrastructure begins with a focused effort to lower GHG (Green House Gas ) as related to our industry.

We provide residential and commercial plumbing services to Dutchess County, Orange County, Ulster County, Putnam County and Rockland County, NY. Contact us for 24 hour emergency plumbing service.

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HVAC Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless Floor Air Conditioner

Ductless air conditioning systems have several benefits over standard AC systems. If you are considering installing a new air conditioning system in your home, consider a ductless system. With no fixed ductwork, ductless AC units are quickly and easily installed anywhere. Indoor units can be installed on walls or mounted on the ceilings.

Whether you’re looking to ensure your current system is operating at peak efficiency, or you’re looking for a complete retrofit of an older AC system, we will help make sure you’ve got the right ductless air conditioner solution.

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HVAC Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling

Energy Efficient Heatig and CoolingGreen heating and green air conditioning incorporate practices that significantly reduce or eliminate adverse environmental impacts. Control the indoor air you breathe and reduce your monthly energy costs.

Our professional technicians practice and perform air conditioning services to increase the efficient use of energy, environmental, and human resources. You can save money while reducing your carbon footprint. We serve the air conditioning needs of Orange County, Dutchess County, Ulster County, Putnam County and Rockland County, including the cities of Kingston, Newburgh, Middletown and Poughkeepsie.

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Sewer Jetting Drain Line Camera and Sewer Jetting Services

Hudson Valley Sewer JettingOur drain line video camera inspection systems allow us to inspect the internal workings of a pipe line to find and assess any existing problems. If a blockage is discovered, hydro-jetting equipment is employed to resolve the problem.

Our Hydro-Jetting systems have a heavy-duty power nozzle attached to high-pressure. Operating at approximately 4000 psi, the hydro-jetting process will destroy even the most stubborn line blockages and efficiently scour the entire pipe.

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Tankless Water Heaters Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heater InstallationsTankless hot water heaters provide the latest technology and energy savings. They heat water by activating a set of coils that become hot when the unit is turned on. The water is heated as the water passes over the coils.

Tankless water heaters conserve energy by only heating the amount of water needed at a given moment and by heating the water only at the time it is needed. Our Energy Star Qualified tankless hot water heaters meet or exceed the criteria set for for Energy Star qualification.

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electric Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Looking to replace your heating or air conditioning system with something that will save money, reduce emissions, and last for years to come? Consider going with a geothermal heat pump. We provide geothermal heating and cooling services to the Mid-Hudson Valley, including Orange, Dutchess, Ulster, Putnam and  Rockland County, New York.

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“Matt and Phil installed our water softener about 3 months ago. They were genuinely nice, professional, efficient, and were very neat from start to finish. I didn’t have to do additional vacuuming after they left nor did I have to worry about picking up and throwing away empty disposable coffee cups, bottled water or leftover installation materials, which always happens when we hire contractors to install or fix things in our home. We love that we can rely and trust them to help us with any plumbing, HVAC and heating issues we may have in the future.” – By Sam G. on 08/11/14

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