Backup Generator Installation & Repair in Newburgh and the Hudson Valley

Contact Go Green Express Home Services, the best-certified emergency backup generator installation and repair contractors in Newburgh, NY.

Worried about losing power in an emergency? Keep the lights on with backup generator installation from Go Green Express Home Services in Newburgh, NY.

We offer custom-built emergency generator systems for your home or business to protect your home, family, and assets when a power outage hits. Our systems are well-equipped to back up your central heating, home theater, furnace, and AC—we offer a full range of whole-house generator models.

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Residential and Commercial Standby Generator Installation Services

As a generator contractor, we are well-equipped to install both residential and commercial standby generators. At Go Green Express Home Services, we only work with the best products on the market, including Honeywell generators with a capacity of 15kW and 20kW.

Choose from:

  • Residential backup generators: These generators are powered using liquid propane or natural gas. They are permanently installed outside your home to supply electrical power to pre-selected lights and appliances. They range from 7kW to 45kW capacity.
  • Commercial backup generators: These diesel-, natural gas-, or liquid propane-powered generators range in output from 7kW to 200kW. They are perfect for commercial offices and buildings.

When to Install a Backup Generator

Knowing when to install a backup generator is essential to experience minimal disruptions in your home or business. Our experienced technicians can advise you on the capacity, size, and model best suited to your particular home or business.

We will create a detailed assessment of your generator and power needs to help you make the right choice for your backup generator installation. Depending on your needs, we can recommend a light option that can backup only the lights and heat to a fully integrated system that continues to run your business uninterrupted during a power outage.

At Go Green Express Home Services, we also offer remote monitoring as standard on every Honeywell home standby generator to give you the ultimate peace of mind and convenience. Our systems enable you to observe your generator status, set operational details, and receive maintenance information in a snap.

For further peace of mind, check out our 24-7 emergency generator service! In the unlikely event that your generator fails you, we'll be there.

Certified Backup Generator Installation and Repair Services in Newburgh, NY

At Go Green Express Home Services, we install, repair, and maintain all manner of home standby generator brands and models with our comprehensive generator installation and repair services.

We also offer 24/7 emergency generator repair to get you back up and running in no time. We serve private residences in and around Newburgh, NY, and stock a wide range of 15kW and 20kW generators.

If you need to install or repair an emergency backup generator system for your Newburgh, NY, home or business, contact Go Green Express Home Services at 845-562-6722 today!