Everpure Water Filtration Services in Newburgh and the Hudson Valley

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The quality of your household’s drinking water is paramount to prevent health risks and ensure clear, clean water that tastes good. However, even in public water supplies, tap water can contain a wide range of contaminants, including bacteria and chemicals.

At Go Green Express Home Services, we specialized in providing customers in Newburgh, NY, with superior water solutions. That's why we offer installations and routine services for Everpure® water filtration systems.

Want to explore your options? We also offer UV water treatment services, among other water quality enhancement products.

What Is Everpure® Water Filtration?

The unique filter design of Everpure® systems features metal cartridges with a Micro Pure filtration media and a bacteriostat layer, which prevents bacterial growth. These media filters have pleats to optimize their surface area and maximize filtration ability.

They also feature activated carbon, which further increases their surface area to trap contaminants such as chemicals that cause bad odors and tastes. However, because of the sophistication of these filters, they don’t remove the essential vital minerals that have health benefits.

Everpure® systems are highly effective in removing water pollutants and are ideal as a whole-house water filtration option. Because of their reliability, these commercial-grade systems are also the go-to option for business in the food industry.

Everpure® Systems Prevent Bacterial Growth

One of the primary differences between Everpure® and conventional units is that the former has a specific filter design to prevent bacteria from growing.

A standard water filter is an ideal habitat for bacteria, as there are sufficient water and organic material to feed microorganisms. As bacteria accumulate, a slimy biofilm forms and the filter itself becomes a source of water contamination.

The bacteria will eventually affect the water’s color, taste, and appearance while shortening the system’s lifespan.

Everpure® systems don’t have this problem with bacterial growth, thanks to the bacteriostat layer and the manufacturer’s Micro Pure media. As a result, these systems are more effective at removing contaminants than conventional units.

You can enhance your purification system’s efficiency even more by combining it with our water softening service.

How Does Everpure® Installation Work

Installing an Everpure® water filtration system in your home in Newburgh is a simple process. Just call us!

At Go Green Express Home Services, we aim to single-handedly elevate local water quality—one house at a time. We will install the unit under your sink and mount the filter head to the inside of your cabinet. Then, we’ll ensure that the system is at a height that allows for quick and easy filter changes.

The following are specification sheets available in downloadable PDF formats:

Body Glove Water Filtrations Systems

Chilled & Ambient Water

Built In Coffee System

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