Whole House HVAC UV Systems

UV Light Systems for HVACGo Green Express Home Services is committed to helping you find the right ultraviolet lights for HVAC systems system to meet your needs and budget.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency warns that your risk of exposure to indoor pollutants can be over 100 times greater than outside pollutants. Some experts estimate that as much as half of all illnesses are either created or aggravated by poor indoor air quality.

UV systems are designed to eliminate the dangers of sick building syndrome by air pollutants and contaminants.

Our professional team will help you select the best air filtration system to suit the needs of your home or business. We serve Orange, Dutchess, Ulster, Putnam and Rockland County, New York.

What is a UV Germicidal Light System?

Ultraviolet light air cleaners have been around for decades. UV light air cleaners are commercially used in hospitals, labs, clean rooms, doctor offices and office buildings. They are also used in homes, as well. UV systems act as an air purifier.

UV (ultraviolet) light has been proven to destroy the DNA of germs, including mold, viruses, spores and bacteria. A UV light system utilizes ultraviolet light (UV-C) to destroy germs, bacteria mold, mildew, and allergens within your forced air heating and cooling system.

An HVAC UV whole house air purifiers installs directly into your ductwork in order to purify the air that passes through the system and circulates through your home. The light unit is installed at either the cold air return or at the supply side of your heating and air conditioning system. The lamp emits UV light that reduces or kills germs in the air that are circulated through the HVAC system.

This method creates a cost-effective and continuous way or cleaning the air. UV works in a cumulative manner. Air contaminants are continuously removed during multiple passages over the lamp. Ultraviolet light effectively neutralize contaminants that exist in your HVAC heating and air conditioning system.

If you find that you suffer from allergies, headaches and cold symptoms when you use your central air conditioning or heating system, you may be suffering from air contamination. Air conditioning coils provide the perfect environment for the growth of harmful bacteria, mold and fungi. UV Light Systems are effective at stopping these air contaminants.

Your family will breathe easier knowing that the germicidal UV Light System is protecting the air in your home.

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Whether you need an HVAC repair or an installation, our professional team will help you select the best air filtration system to suit the needs of your home or business. We’re also here to make sure that no matter what system you have, it’s always working safely and efficiently to keep the air in your home or office comfortable and healthy.

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