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“We have been a customer dating back about 10 years. The reason for the length of time we have remained with the company is the quality of service people hired by your
company. We have maintained a service agreement with you, replaced a furnace, hot
water heater, and most recently a new central air system.”

“Yesterday we were scheduled to have the new central air system installed. Due to some
difficulties on your end, the install began later than we had hoped and with a different
installer than we had requested. When we brought it to the attention of Keith, things
were immediately juggled and the install began with one installer at our home and two
others coming between jobs during the day and finally ending up in the afternoon and
into the night, remaining with the initial installer.”

“At no time, from sometime around lOAM through 11 :30 PM did any of them complain
or seem ruffled by the inconvenience. They were all polite, friendly, knowledgeable, and
skilled. At one point, probably around 6 PM we offered to buy them a pizza, which they
turned down as they considered it unprofessional. We are sure they regretted that when
the install took until 11 :30 PM and I found out they had not taken a lunch!”

“They made sure there were no leaks in the lines, the unit functioned properly, and that
everything was the way it should be before they considered leaving the job. They are
extraordinary employees. Of course, we have known Abbas and requested him for a long
time because of his knowledge and kindness. But now we also know Jason and Mark.
They are all exceptional employees and we wanted you to know that. We appreciated
and benefitted from their dedication to their job and the company.”

Jill B.

Excellent customer service and satisfaction…

“I would like to let you know that Frank was very helpful and was quick to resolve the issues I had regarding the sale and installation of the air conditioner as outlined in my letter to you dated July 7,2011. I would not hesitate to recommend Go Green Express Home Services for any services or products offered, since I have found that GoGreen Home Services will stand behind their products and service.”

“I sincerely appreciate Go Green Home Services excellent customer service and satisfaction in the recent problem I brought to your attention.”

Lauretta D.

Great job

“Just wanted to say thank you for the service I have received. The last 2 service men Nick and Stephen, both did a great job. If Stephen had not taken the time to check over everything that he did, he would have left just before the fan on our unit stopped working (which took 20 minutes to warm up and stop working). I would have had to call a second time for the same problem. Also wanted to thank Laura for the assistance she gave over the phone.”

John H.

A great crew

“I just want to thank Jason and Matt for fixing my well situation, quickly, professionally. They were a great crew. Thanks to Scott for finding the initial problem and of course the office for keeping in contact. Another huge rescue again by go green express.”

Lisa M.

A real pleasure

“We had Jeff and Ray install a new central AC system last Thursday and Friday. We were very pleased with their work-things were done right the first time, with quality equipment; it cost what we were told it would and it took the amount of time we were told to expect. My experience with home maintenance and improvements has never been easy but our experience with Go Green was a real pleasure. Jeff was very knowledgeable and Ray, his summer assistant was very eager. They both were very professional, pleasant and did a great job. Our gratitude to them. The system works great. Thanks again.”

Scott C.

Outstanding service

“We would like to acknowledge three of your employees for their outstanding
service to us during the installation of our new Bryant Evolution
Air Conditioning System.”

“Scott is both a knowledgeable and skilled installer. Because this
system is more advanced than our old unit, his explanations and attention
were vital.”

“Your office person, Melissa, is a delight. Her soothing, competent and
professional manner was appreciated when we were experiencing some

“And your service technician, Abbas, was most helpful in explaining
temporary noisiness. He was also able to adjust the ducts for more efficient cooling.
Your prompt attention in securing a copy of our warranty information and
other pertinent papers not available at installation will be appreciated.”

Walt and Mary N.

Quickly diagnosed the problem

“I wanted to commend you on the service of yoUr company, Go Green Express. This Monday I called your company because my house had ·no hot water. The gentleman manning the phones gave me an service call for that very afternoon. Which I was so grateful for because once I arrived home, I found the water heater leaking water in my basement.”

“Abbas, your technician arrived as promised. He quickly diagnosed the problem, as well as identifying two other impending problems. Abbas was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. Luckily we were able to cover all of the work and had him make all of the repairs.”

“Abbas was respectful and friendly. He showed me all of the completed work. And since he had to drain the water system to complete the work, we checked all the sinks and showers before he left.”

“From the first contact of your company, to the last, it was a pleasant experience. I will defiantly call Go Green Express for maintenance or_any future problems. As well as make recommendations to friends and neighbors. Thank you for such excellent customer service. My daughter and I certainly enjoyed our hot showers last night!”

Debbie D.

Professional job

“Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are to have had the furnace replaced before the weather got really cold.It was comforting to have the heat come on the last few mornings that it has been chilly. It seems to be much quicker and quieter than the last few years and we are glad that Abbas did a professional job and took the time to complete the work in one day. I just wanted to pass on the compliment since I’m sure to complaints come through mote often than the compliments and after working with the public it’s nice to be thanked occasionally.”

Carol & Bill F.

Thanks again

“I would like to thank you for the excellent service I received by your plumbing technician Butch. He was timely, efficient, friendly, knowledgeable and neat. Qualities you come to expect but rarely receive.”

“The replacement of my water heater (which I didn’t anticipate) presented a significant challenge in removal of large amounts of water from the old heater which had become completely clogged by calcium & iron build-up.”

“Butch took this difficult an unexpected task well in stride and the installation of my new one looks like a “work of art” with the necessity to refit the copper tubing.”

“Thanks again to Butch and Go Green Express Home Services.”

B. Royal

A courteous company

“I just wanted to shoot you a quick note to let you know how happy I’ve been and continue to be with Go Green Express Home Services”

“Previously, I had another company handling my furnace/AC and they were truly atrocious . . . it’s as if they didn’t know how to do anything. THEN, I met someone at Go Green Express Home Services at a home show and it’s been smooth sailing since. Every question I ask gets answered, I know what to expect and when. AND, what a courteous company — you always call if you’re going to be late or if you need to move an appointment. It’s amazing.”

“The company is wonderful to deal with and YOU are especially a pleasure! Thank you and we look forward to our continued relationship with Go Green in the coming years!”

Nil A.

I would use again

“I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your prompt service in restoring the heating system within our home.”

“Your services were provided by Bob Gold, whom I want to give the highest compliment for his knowledge, skills and personality.”

“Because of his efforts provided on behalf of your company, I want to indicate that he is the reason for the “value added” services that makes Go Green Express a service that I would use again and recommend to all my associations for residential and commercial applications.”

“Please be aware that I consider him as a valuable asset within your company and thus the reason for this response.”

D. Tinnirello

Thank you so much for all of your time and efforts

After my “Home Depot” door display isle call; I waited with great anticipation for one of the plumbers to come to our home. Well, let’s just say my husband; Rob’s attempts at plumbing resembled an experiment from a sci-fi movie.

Located in a darkened castle bathroom with only the walls left and a giant hole in the floor. These words break the silence:

“Yes! Igor… Get me the saw. I must cut the copper piping way too short!!”

“No, Master! Tonight when the moon is full; you should call Go Green Express Home Services.”

“Igor- I KNOW what I am doing! Now fetch me the wrench!”

“Master-did you shut the water off?”

“Blah, blah, blah. The water will drain into the moat.”

“Wrench Igor Wrench. No, no…maybe saw??”

Since there’s really no Igor or his Master, just my husband Rob and our bulldog-Teddy attempting to become plumbers at midnight. I really needed a qualified professional to complete a job that they started. Ken was professional, courteous, and informative. Completing the job in a timely and efficient manner. Exemplifying outstanding customer service skills while maintaining a professional (and clean) environment.

Thank you so much for all of your time and efforts. Remember though; never allow Igor and his Master to attempt ANY plumbing job.

L. M.

I appreciate your professional installation

I am a Verizon retiree fully trained in customer service. With 30 years of customer service I know and appreciate good customer handling. What each of you did was superior quality of service.

You and Kelly arranged it so since I was missed last week I was first on your list. Last week I lost some pay but this week I recovered my faith in Go Green Express Home Services. Plumbing.

Butch, I was so happy when you told me the water filter was still under warranty and would be replaced. You were courteous and solidly behind your company when I explained my unhappiness with the frustration of replacing such expensive filters on my RO. Don’t forget to order them for me. Next time, give me different alternatives to maintain my home efficiently AND cost efficiently.

Stephen, you came quickly with my replacement water heater. You don’t quite know how much I appreciate your professional installation. Your concentration and efficiency allowed me to go to my next appointment in time.

I can’t remember the last time I gave a commendation, never mind three! Ed, you should be proud of all of them.

I. E.

Went above and beyond to help

It is every homeowners nightmare, to come home from a business trip to find a horrible leak in your kitchen and down into the downstairs neighbors kitchen! I know first hand! I immediately called my home warranty company because my hot water heater was leaking profusely. They said they would dispatch someone to fix it. That was 11am on Saturday morning. After several calls to them throughout the day, as well as Sunday, still no one was dispatched. I called them back at 3pm on Sunday to get “Outside authorization” so I could call someone myself.

I had used Go Green Express Home Services in the past in my rental home and they were wonderful then so I immediately called them. My phone call was returned by dispatcher Joe within 10 minutes. He said he would send someone out TONIGHT! I was so relieved. Joe was even kind enough to give me his cell # because I was so frantic with water spewing everywhere and my downstairs neighbor was getting more irate by the minute.

In the meantime, I ran to Lowe’s myself and purchased a new electric hot water heater so it would be here when the technician got here. Tim, my repairman, was at my home at 6:15pm. Upon assessment, not only was the hot water heater leaking hot water, but also a pipe had burst leaking cold water. He repaired the pipe, took the new heater out of my car and up the stairs, had to cut through my cabinets to get the old heater out etc etc and then we realized the new heater I purchased would not fit. Instead of demolishing my entire kitchen, we opted to wait until the following day (today) for that to be installed. He left at 10:15pm.

Go Green Express has been wonderful to me and Tim went above and beyond to help me, the customer, in my very emotional time. He even handled me crying (hahaha). I am writing to you (as I wait for hopefully Tim to come back and finish the job) because not only is your service wonderful, your dispatchers are top notch and your repairman are not only knowledgeable and good at what they do, they are caring and sympathetic throughout the process.

Thank you Go Green — you have a customer for life!

K. P.

Just a note to let you know that your employees McKenna and Kelley are model customer representatives for all your employees.

They are extremely helpful, courteous and polite. My dad who passed away last year always had his furnace serviced by Go Green Express Home Services I recently purchased a home and the previous owners also recommended your company. Your service man Butch was delightful.

My mom who is 88 yrs old and on a fixed budget recently had her furnace checked. I mistakenly told Butch the coupon was for $99.00, in actuality it was for $64.95. I called to see if we could get the difference and your employees helped with the problem. I spoke to Jimmy and now my mom is waiting for a check from Go Green for the difference.

That is what customer service is all about. Again I thank you greatly for your consideration on this matter.

C. A.

I just wanted to take the time to let you know how nice Butch was when he came to my home to inspect, and clean my gas boiler. I had loads of questions for him about what he was actually there to do, and also about things that I want done eventually.

He took the time to explain things to me, and made me feel very comfortable. It was like he was a friend of mine. He also cleaned my hot water heater, and explained step by step, and also the importance of doing that service. We also discussed what the charge would be to hook-up a new gas dryer for me.

I have to say honestly if it wasn’t for the VERY nice people that work for Go Green Express Home Services, I would have to go elsewhere for service because the rates that are charged are VERY high in my opinion.

Go Green Express has done a new gas boiler for us, and also has serviced the water heater, and I used you guys for a new central air unit, and have had to call for a new air pressure valve.

The only reason I keep coming back is because of the outstanding servicemen that have come here to work. Butch is very polite, and very knowledgeable. I hope he gets to see this letter.

Thanks for your time.
K. M.

I just want to commend your company for an outstanding job; Your employees showed professionalism, great patience and quality workmanship. I recently called for heating repair services. Your employee John Palumbo was at my residence within a half hour. He assessed the problem and explained to me then we made a call to my husband and he explained it all again.

Within the next hour supplies and another member of your company arrived Tim.(It was a very humid close day) The two of them in a small stuff laundry room worked for the next eight hour to replace the water tank and furnace.

This was my first encounter with Go Green and I was very pleased with the promptness, professionalism and service of your staff. I would also recommend you to my family and friends.

S. N.

If Jason, Chris and Jeff are common examples of your technicians, I will recommend your company to all my friends and family. I am not always comfortable with workers in my home, but your technicians, particularly Jason, made my Air Conditioning installation an almost fun experience.

He’s thorough; he will take extra time to do the job right, and he’s very personable. He’s also a very good instructor with his helpers. He explains the “why” of how to do things which is very important.

If my air conditioning works half as good as your employees, we’re in for a long relationship.

E. M.

I am writing to express my compliments and appreciation regarding your employee James, who came to my home for a plumbing consultation .I have had a great deal of experience with home contractors and service providers and I want you to know that James was exceptional among them all on many levels. He anticipated and answered many of my questions before I even asked them. He was clear, thorough and patient in explaining my options. He offered excellent advice. He took the time to walk me through the processes involved in maintaining my plumbing system. In short, he was professional, knowledgeable, courteous and a rare pleasure to work with. He has a very nice personality and never once made me feel that my questions or concerns were silly or unimportant.

Your company is fortunate to have James on staff, as are your clients.

J. H.

I had a heating system installed during the last couple of weeks in August and part of September. I would like to compliment the men who worked here during that time. They did a great job and kept the place neat and clean while doing a pretty messy and dirty job. They were all cordial and polite, friendly and very likable.

They appeared to be organized and were dependable, arriving when scheduled. They cleaned up and left the house in good condition each time they left. In addition, they were pleasant and took all the glitches in stride. They clearly worked very hard in hot weather and in small enclosed, hot spaces…and never complained.

I want to thank Patrick for all the time he took explaining all the details to me. He presented himself and the company well, which is one of the reasons I decided to go with your company, despite the fact you were more expensive than others. He was very patient and clear and detail-oriented.

Frank was on top of things and helped guide the others, (Adam… and I can’t remember the names of the other 2 who were here with him and Gene). He had the awful job of unclogging my old furnace and while covered in soot, smiled as he went along. He deserves extra praise.

I was especially impressed with Gene. He was a joy to work with…he struggled with lots of glitches in the last days, clearly worked hard and long hours in the heat and darkness. And had to deal with the gas company around the issue that arose at the last minute. He was efficient, very pleasant, had a great sense of humor and was quite knowledgeable, trying to get me to understand the anatomy of a heating system. I left him alone at the end of the job and came home to find the house spotless and in perfect condition…I hadn’t expected he would wash the floor!!! This was a special bonus and I really appreciated it. He is a jewel in your crown…you have someone special working for you!

I also found the office staff very efficient, knowledgeable and on top of everything.

I know I can expect the same excellent service and work should I have to call on you for emergencies or simple servicing. Thank you for sending me these good people.

A. M.

I wish to thank you for sending Doug to service our Pentair sump pump. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and very professional. He quickly discovered the problem with the pump and solved it immediately. He explained what needed to be done in a way that was easy to understand.

Last year’s rains meant that my cellar was more wet than dry. We had installed another pump but it didn’t do the job. Then we called your company and the problem was solved. With many vital home systems in the basement, a good sump pump means peace of mind. I can be comfortable knowing that it sump pump will protect my home and family.

Good employees are like ambassadors for a company. They fix problems and generate more business. I will certainly do business with and recommend your company in the future because of the excellent work of employees like Doug.

Please feel free to contact me in the future for a customer endorsement and keep up the good work


S. B.

I just want to let you know how pleased I am nom the excellent service provided by your company.

I own the Holiday House Motel and when it was determined that the main sewer line was not working and all of the bathrooms were backing up we had a very serious problem.

Your service man James Hill did a wonderful job. More important he determined what was causing the problem and solved the problem.

We can’t thank you enough for the quick response and the great job done by your service technician. We will tell all of our friends about you great service. Thanks again.

J. D.

I just want to say “thanks” for the fine and knowledgeable service provided by your technician recently. He represented your company well, and I will contact Go Green Express Home Services again, should we need additional work completed.

All best wishes

E. B.

We recently purchased our home and found out we had problems with our boiler. We contacted Go Green Express Home Services to have it cleaned and serviced. Your technician did an excellent and thorough job, making many helpful suggestions.

We plan on using your company again if the need arise.

J. R.

When our water system was failing (the water was so bad, everything turned brown), my husband was very ill and I was quite distressed. After getting several astronomical quotes, I found Go Green Express Home Services!

With Go Green Express Home Services, we finally found someone who would listen, explain and actually care. Believe me, that is rare.

Your technician installed the Water-Right Sanitizer System with efficiency and care. We now drink good, clear and clean water.

Then we experienced leaks in our shower and in the kitchen sink from years of erosion.

So we called Go Green Express Home Services!

J. P.

I want to commend the technician that serviced my furnace. His careful work and his thorough checking of the system helped me avert a potential problem with our chimney and with the burner.

He did a great job and left everything neat and tidy.

M. L.

We’ve been dealing with Go Green Express Home Services for a long time and have always been satisfied with the service you provide, but this last time was outstanding. I really appreciate it. Your technicians are great and deserve to be told.

Thank you so much

G. H.

Thank you for providing us with a very nice heating and air conditioning system. Your technicians were professional, friendly, polite and not to mention, very efficient and thorough.

It was a genuine pleasure to have them work here, and in all the years of having various jobs done on our home, they by far have been the nicest to work with!

We commend all of you for making it a great experience for us, and it is refreshing to know there are still businesses out there that really care for the customer!

With pleasure we hope to continue doing business with you in the future.

M. D.

I would like to say thank you for the great job and for helping me choose the right air conditioning unit for my home.

Your technicians are very professional and answered all of the questions I had. They did an excellent job installing the unit and explained how everything works.

They took the time to make sure the job was done right and made sure I was satisfied.

Hats off to your technicians and to all of your staff. I will be sure to recommend you.

J. K.

We just wanted to take a moment to express how pleased we are with Go Green Express Home Services. We recently purchased a central air conditioning system and had it installed, everyone at Go Green Express Home Services, from the sales reps to the installation manager to the installers, were professional and considerate.

The sales representative was informative and never pressured us He had extensive product knowledge and was helpful throughout the entire process. The installers themselves did a terrific job, were in and out in two days, and did exactly as they said, leaving barely a trace that they were there.

I still don’t know how they managed to be so neat! They were polite, attentive, and the installation itself was seamless. The system works better than we imagined. Your staff is to be commended.

J. C.

Your team recently completed the installation of an air conditioning system in my home. The installation competence of the technicians and quality of installation were very good.

Your team was very patient as we dealt with issues and delays stemming from the original work on our home. This installation resulted in three visits. All technicians performed as promised; from the salesman to the technicians.

G. S.

We would like to commend your fine employees who were instrumental in our purchase and installation of a Fujitsu ductless air conditioner. Your salesman was courteous, prompt, patient and thorough when he came to give us an estimate.

couldn’t be more pleased with the speed of the process. It was installed the day after he came to give us the estimate. While the air conditioner was pricier we had anticipated, we are firm believers in the old adage “you get what you pay for” so we went for it.

The technicians who installed the unit were also extremely courteous and friendly. Their work was immaculate. We are delighted with our newly cool and comfortable living room, kitchen and dining room. We won’t hesitate to can on Go Green Express Home Services again in the future.

M. F.

Thank you very much for the excellent service provided by Chet and Jason! We are extremely happy with the quality of service and expertise from Go Green Express Home Services. Thank you for going out of your way to make our home perfect (as always) with all the services we have acquired over the past year.

Thank you!

D. D.

I recently had central air system installed on the first floor of my house. I had used another installer to do the second floor last year. Last years experience was full of headaches. Just as I am quick to let someone know I am not satisfied, I believe I should give credit were credit is due.

Your employees who did the installation, Mat,t Mike and Jonathan were nothing less than professional and courteous. They were neat and knowledgeable. They went out of their way to make everything as good as it could be. Your sales and engineering representatives also deserve credit. Vance (sales) and Vince (engineering) were also a pleasure to deal with.

I would recommend your company (and will) to anyone who asks.

A. C.

I don’t know how you find them but you have the nicest people working for you. I just had a service call with Chet and Tom to fix a problem with our breaker. They took the time to go and buy the proper unit. They were also so nice and polite. Just wanted to let you know.

E. M.

Sitting in perfect comfort in my home on this hot day reminds me that I am late in thanking those of you who had any part in the business of installing air conditioning for me earlier this month. I was so impressed with the prompt attention I received.

The two young men who did the actual installation – Tony & Chet were the most competent, quiet and polite workers one could want working in their home.

Congratulations to all of you! I have been recommending your business ever since.

Sincerely Yours,
M. C.

I am writing this thank you in appreciation for the services provided by Rich, Mike and Tim. Besides the kindness and professionalism they have exhibited was more then I had hoped for. This is to acknowledge a job well done. Thanks Guys. And thank you for getting us cool air in a quick and timely manner.
C. N.

Thank you for the timely response and professionalism on every count!

K. R.

Go Green Express Home Services came to my rescue when my furnace quit. Thank you for the Excellent Service!

M. B.

Go Green Express Home Services can be a little pricey, but I feel I can trust their work and that is very important. I’ve called Go Green Express Home Services before and I’ll call them again!

J. M.

I’ve been calling Go Green Express Home Services for the past four years for my HVAC service and am always pleased with their level of work.

M. N.

Go Green Express Home Services’s quick response and excellent service was a lifesaver when out basement flooded. I highly recommend them!

J. M.

My experience with Go Green Express Home Services was Pain-Free, which is a change when dealing with HVAC repairs. My technician was helpful and very knowledgeable. Go Green Express Home Services did an excellent job with my repair. When people ask, I tell them to call Go Green Express Home Services!

A. H.

Once again I’ve had an outstanding technician from Go Green Express Home Services take care of my repair.

R. G.

Go Green Express Home Services has the best people working for them. From the office staff to the technicians, they are a top notch company.

D. Y.

Your technician Steve is an asset to your company. He did an exceptional job and if I need service again, I’ll definitely be calling Go Green Express Home Services.

C. C.

Your technician arrived quickly and did an superb job with my repair. Thank You!

J. B.

Go Green Express Home Services has exceeded my expectation on the job they preformed. Everything is working great. Another fine job from Go Green Express Home Services!

W. S.

Go Green Express Home Services is a bit more expensive than others, but they are worth it. The quality of their service surpasses their competition. That’s why I always call them when I need service.

A. O.

I recently contacted Go Green Express Home Services to install central air conditioning. Their level of service was outstanding. The technicians arrived in a timely manner, and the work they did was excellent. I will be contacting them again should the need arrive.

J. C.

Your technician Steve was on time, did a great job and was such a nice gentleman. The work he did was excellent and I’ll contact Go Green Express Home Services again.

L. Tomlin

Doug did a superb job on my repair and I appreciate how polite and nice he was.

R. J.

Go Green Express Home Services’s technicians are friendly and Professional. Reggie was a pleasure to have. He did a great job.

T. G.

Go Green Express Home Services is a bit pricey, but they are well worth it. Their technicians always arrive on time and the work they do is always the best. I’ve called them in the past and I will keep calling when I need their service.

C. D.

I recently contacted Go Green Express Home Services and I have to say for a first time using their service, I am very impressed. The technicians were fast and efficient. They did an excellent job. I plan on using Go Green Express Home Services for all my needs.

K. H.

I had a plumbing emergency at 3 a.m. and when I called Go Green Express Home Services, I never expected to reach someone. But there someone was. Someone came out right away and quickly fixed our problem. I can’t thank Go Green Express Home Services enough for the quick response and the excellent work they did. I will definitely call them again!

W. F.

Go Green Express Home Services’s technicians and the work they do is always excellent. Thank you for another job well done.

J. B.

It’s nice to find a business like Go Green Express Home Services that is professional and understands service.

P. T.

Adam and Steve worked very well together. They were polite, efficient and a pleasure to have in my home.

L. K.

We were very pleased with the level of service and professionalism we received from Go Green Express Home Services. We are planning to have central air installed and will definitely be calling again!

M. F.


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