What is Radiant Floor Heating?

radiant heating vs forced airRadiant heating has a number of advantages over conventional heating systems. Radiant heat is more efficient than baseboard heating. It is a clean and quiet system. It is generally more efficient than forced-air heating because there is no energy lost through the duct work. Hydronic (liquid-based) systems also use very little electricity. In addition, a radiant heating system can be powered from a wide variety of energy sources, including oil or gas-fired boilers, wood-fired boilers, solar water heaters, or a combination of heat sources.

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Radiant floor heating systems use the principle of convection to work, which is the natural heat circulation caused by heat rising from the floor. Radiant floor heating systems are different than the radiant panels used in walls and ceilings. In radiant floor space heating, it is the floor itself absorbs radiant heat from its heating source until the floor itself becomes the same temperature as the heat source, after which the floor slowly heats the air above. Radiant heat does not using moving air, which is helpful for people with allergies.

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Radiant Heat Applications

Under Floor Heating
Bathrooms, entryways and kitchens are ideals locations to incorporate radiant heat. If you have bare feet, tile, slate, marble and even hardwood floor coverings are cold to step onto. With a radiant floor heat system installed under these surfaces, you won’t have to worry about cold feet again.

Basement Heating
Because the heated air from forced air heating systems rises, basements that are used as a living space are typically cold. The best time to add basement radiant heat is during new construction. However, basement radiant floor heating can also be added during a remodeling job.

Driveways, Sidewalks and Patios
Radiant heat can help keeps driveways, sidewalks and patios free of snow and ice. This improves safety, which can be beneficial for both residential and commercial buildings. Concrete lasts longer with radiant heat because the surfaces are not subjected to salt or chemicals.

Roof De-icing and Snow Melting
Roof deicing products prevent the buildup of ice and large icicles around eaves, drains, and valleys, which damage roofing materials and are hazardous to people walking below them. RoofHeat or Technitrace are products that can be installed on asphalt, shake, tile shingles, single-ply membrane, or metal roofs.

Providing radiant floor heating installation to Orange, Dutchess, Ulster, Putnam and Rockland County, NY.

Types of Radiant Floor Heating

Hydronic Radiant Floors
As the most cost-effective and popular systems, hydronic (liquid) radiant floor systems pump heated water from a boiler through a series tubes under the floor. The temperature in each room can be controlled by regulating the flow of hot water through the tubing. The cost of installing a hydronic radiant floor varies and depends on several factors, including the size of the room and whether it is new construction or not.

Electric Radiant Floors
An electric radiant heating system consist of electric cables built directly into the floor. Electric radiant floors make sense for home additions where it would be impractical to extend the heating system into the addition. If the floor’s thermal mass is large enough, the heat stored in it will keep the house comfortable for up to eight to ten hours without further electrical input.

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What Floor Coverings Work Best?

For radiant floor heating, ceramic tile is the most effective floor covering. Tile conducts heat well from beneath the floor and adds to the thermal storage due to its high heat capacity. Vinyl, linoleum, carpeting or wood can also be used for the floor covering, but any covering acts as an insulator will decrease the efficiency of the system. Ultimately though, radiant works with all floor types although dense masonry type materials work better. In fact, we have some very successful jobs with hardwood floors

If you place carpeting on a floor heated by a radiant system, then use a thin carpet with dense padding. Try to cover as little surface area as possible. If the floor is wood, this will reduce the chance of it cracking or shrinking from the drying effects of the heat under the carpeting.

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