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The Benefits of Foundation Leak Detection

Why Is Foundation Leak Detection Needed?

The foundation is the most important part of the home’s structural integrity. Without a sound foundation, there are likely to be several more problems throughout the house. Early detection of a foundation leak, can significantly reduce the cost of repairing it. The signs of a foundation leak often go unnoticed, but if a homeowner knows what to look for and pays careful attention, the problems may be caught before they become too expensive.

Continue reading to learn all about foundation leak detection and its benefits.

Detecting Foundation LeaksCracked Concrete Slab

In today’s market, there are a few different ways to detect a foundation leak. The technologies keep getting better every year, and locating a foundation leak has never been easier. And as long as there is a professional working on it, the problem will be handled as efficiently as possible. 

Some common equipment used to located foundation leaks are: 

  • Pressure Sensors: The plumber scans the pipes and checks for a change in temperature and pressure to indicate a leak in the foundation
  • Ground Microphones and Acoustic Discs: A foundation leak creates a very distinct sound. This sound is caught with the discs and microphones to locate the foundation leak. 
  • Pipe Camera Inspection: This is the surest way of locating a foundation leak. The camera is inserted into a pipe and provides video evidence of the inside of the plumbing system. Aside from helping to locate a leak, this method can also alert the plumber to any other problems with the pipes, that can then be addressed. 

Detecting the leak is oftentimes the hardest part, but with today’s advancements in technology, locating the leak has never been easier!

Common Leak Detection ToolsMan Working on Valves

When it comes to slab leak detection, an experienced professional plumber will have the basic tools, safety gear, and anything else required to get the job done safely and efficiently. 

Typically, foundation leak detection requires a couple of different tools. These tools include: 

  • Gas Tracer Systems: If the sensors pick up too much noise in the pipes, the gas tracer systems work well to bypass all excess noise and go right to the source of the problem
  • Electromagnetic Pipeline Locators: This tool is quite similar to that of a radio, and it helps the plumber to locate the piping system underneath the foundation easily. In today’s world, with almost everything being done remotely, having this tool is essential.

Schedule Detection and Repair Today!Papers showing Time and Money

Foundation leaks can get outrageously expensive if they aren’t handled as soon as possible. That is why knowing the warning signs is so crucial. Some of these warning signs include: 

  • A spike in the water bill
  • The sound of constant running water
  • Damp floors or walls

If any of these signs are present, a professional plumber should be called as soon as possible. 

Foundation leaks can cause structural damage to a home, which will significantly reduce the property value and makes the house less safe to live in. Homeowners can keep their homes and wallets safe by contacting a professional foundation leak detection company! 

Trust a Local Plumber

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