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Plumbing Issues That Go Bump In the Night

What Strange Plumbing Noises Say About the Health of a Plumbing System

Strange plumbing can often keep homeowners up at night. It's not uncommon for someone to be searching around the house, turning faucets on and off to see if they can figure out what caused that strange sound that woke them from their peaceful slumber. 

The fact is that not being able to inspect a plumbing system visually is troublesome when something goes wrong. This is why it's good for homeowners to know what different plumbing sounds mean for the state of their plumbing system. 

Dripping Sounds

Most dripping sounds are indicative of a leaky faucet or pooled water going down a drainpipe. It's usually easy to locate the source of the sound when it's a faucet leaking. Usually, fixing a leaky faucet is easy for the average homeowner. However, it is possible to hear dripping coming from inside the walls.

Homeowners should first try to locate the sound's source by checking faucets, under sinks, and looking for pooled water near drains. If all other possibilities are ruled out and the dripping continues, it's time to call a plumber. A dripping sound coming from inside the walls usually means a cracked pipe. Catching this issue early is imperative to save time and money in repairs because when these drips happen, they can cause water damage if left unchecked and even lead to mold growth.

Knocking Sounds


Another worrisome sound a plumbing system can make is a banging or knocking sound. This can happen for different reasons when the water is off, running, or at random intervals. When a knocking noise happens directly after the water shuts off, it's typically caused by something called a water hammer. It's the result of fast-traveling water suddenly having no place to go, so as it stops, it can cause vibration and knocking in the pipes.

Knocking can also be caused by expanding copper pipes while hot water is running through them. If the pipe is close to another, they could knock or rub together, creating a noise in the walls. Water pressure can also cause pipes to knock around in the walls, even if they're secured properly. Generally, plumbing systems should be kept between 40 and 80 psi to prevent this from happening.

Gurgling Sounds When Flushing or Draining

Gurgling can be one of the creepiest sounds a plumbing system can make. Most often, the culprits are the toilet and the shower, although it's possible to hear gurgling from a sink drain, too. When a toilet gurgles and bubbles after flushing, it's typically a sign that there is an airflow problem in the drainpipe or one of the plumbing system vents. When gurgling occurs at a shower or sink drain, it's typically a problem with the vent or a clog in the p-trap. Vent problems range from poor installation (not enough vents) to blockages of the air vent itself.


Many homeowners attempt to deal with these scary noises themselves, but it's always a good idea to consult a plumber before doing so. For ghostbusting, call the Ghostbusters. For plumbing issues that go bump in the night, call a plumber.

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