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Are Home Pipe-System Inspections Really Necessary?

Why Plumbing Inspections Are Key to a Healthy Home

While homeowners who have owned their homes for a while think that they can pinpoint exactly what is wrong without calling a plumber, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, before performing a service, a pipe inspection should be performed.

But why are pipe inspections so important and how do they work? And what situations warrant calling a plumber to have one performed? In this article, plumbing experts have information to share with all homeowners about the importance of pipe inspections for all homes.

How Can Pipe Inspection Cameras Help?

inspection cameras go greenPipe inspections are an important part of keeping the home’s plumbing system working at its most optimal and are one of the best tools plumbers have to thoroughly inspect plumbing that is hard to reach. Pipe camera inspections work by feeding a long, flexible cable down into the pipes.

This cable has a camera at the tip (there are three types - solo robot cameras, lateral launch cameras, or push-cam inspection cameras). These cameras can help with pipe inspections by allowing the plumber to actually see where any potential blockages or issues are in the pipes so that an educated decision can be made about what repair (if any) will need to be done.

There are some issues where certain plumbing services could cause more damage instead of actually fixing the problem. This is most obvious when it comes to when hydrojetting should be used. Pipe inspections with a video camera are especially important for older homes, homes with a potential tree root infiltration, or those with potential blockages.

Why Have The Sewer Lines Inspected?

In addition to having a pipe inspection, homeowners should also have a sewer inspection. Issues with the pipes may not always be related to the pipes themselves. Sometimes backups and blockages happen below that, in the sewer system far below the home. That’s another place that a pipe camera can come in handy.

In addition to being able to see the integrity of the pipes, a pipe camera can also look deeper into the sewer system. The issues with sewer backups can cause not only an annoyance to the homeowner but also a potential health hazard if sewage backs up into the household.

sewer inspection

Signs of a potential issue with the sewer include :

  • Foundation shifting and cracking.
  • The smell of sewage in the home.
  • Mold problems in the home.
  • Extra green grass in certain areas of the lawn.
  • Slow or even totally stopped draining in the indoor plumbing.

The Benefits of Plumbing Inspections

plumbing benefit go greenPlumbing inspections as a whole are incredibly important to the health and safety of the home and everyone living in it. Sewer and pipe inspections should not only be done when there is an issue; they should be done routinely even when everything appears to be in good working order.

The benefits of plumbing inspections include extending the life of the home’s pipes and saving money on emergency repairs. Plumbers have access to the most cutting edge technology to perform in-depth diagnostic testing of the pipes and the entire plumbing system.

As good of a home inspection as homeowners can do themselves, plumbers have the knowledge, tools, skill, and experience to find even the smallest issue and address it as soon as possible.

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