Solar Water Heater Services in Newburgh and the Hudson Valley

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Looking for alternative ways to heat your water? Try using solar energy! It’s 100% free, renewable energy you can use as an alternative to gas and electricity.

If you're ready to take the first step to an eco-friendlier lifestyle, then reach out to our team at Go Green Express Home Services. We are the top solar water heater service in Newburgh, NY, and we’re ready to help. We handle unit replacement, installation, and repair. Just give us a call, and we’ll gladly brief you on everything you need to know.

Want to make your home more efficient, but not ready to go solar? Check out our tankless water heater installation services.

What Is a Solar Water Heater?

A solar-powered water heater generates energy through its thermal panels. These panels are installed either on the roof or the ground, whichever works best for your home. As a general rule, however, they should be placed on the roof and facing south. Doing so allows them to collect more radiation.

Most units last around two decades, but to maximize your system’s lifespan, you’ll need to do regular maintenance and protect it from damaging elements such as:

  • Debris
  • Fire hazards
  • Lightning
  • Pests
  • Severe weather conditions

If you feel your unit’s not working right, call us for solar water heater repair right away. Don’t use your heater if it’s not in tip-top condition.

Benefits of Getting a Solar Water Heater Installation

Solar energy is a relatively new concept for many Newburgh homeowners. You likely have been using non-renewable energy sources for decades, so why make the switch?

  • Eco-Friendly Alternative: Using renewable energy to heat your water will significantly decrease your carbon footprint.
  • Lower Energy Bills: Solar systems provide free energy. Once you cover the initial installation costs, you’ll never pay to heat your water again.
  • Easy Transition to Solar Energy: Feel that transitioning to a fully solar-powered home is too big of a step? It’s not as complicated as it seems. Transitioning your water heater is a great first step to converting your entire home to solar power.
  • Good Performance: A common misconception about solar-powered water heaters is that they’re underpowered, but solar energy can heat water just as fast as other sources can. In fact, they convert around 80% of radiation into energy.

Worried about the cost of solar conversion? Not to worry, learn about green tax credits and rebates from our experts. Contact us today!

Your Trusted Solar Water Heater Service Experts

Customers trust Go Green Express Home Services for all their solar water heater repair and installation needs because we are:

  • Helpful: Feel free to ask anything you need to. We go the extra mile to help you reach an objective, grounded decision.
  • Honest: Unlike dishonest solar water heater replacement teams, we don’t trick customers into paying more than they need to. On the contrary, we’re upfront with our fees right from the get-go.
  • Skilled: The main reason why customers trust us is we have the skills and knowledge to back our services. After years of industry experience, it’s no exaggeration to say we’ve become experts.

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