Gas Leak Detection & Repair Services in Newburgh and the Hudson Valley

Smell gas in your home? Call us right away for urgent gas leak detection services in Newburgh, NY.

Choosing which gas leak detection company to work with is a very big decision. You need reliable professionals who are capable of handling combustible compounds. There is no room for mistakes here.

If you need professional gas line leak detection services in Newburgh, NY, turn straight to Go Green Express Home Services. We are full-service experts who can spot and repair hidden gas leaks.

Customers continue to trust us for our skills. With years of industry experience, it’s no exaggeration to say that we are fully equipped and well-trained to handle any kind of gas line leak.

Not sure if that smell is gas or your sewer line? Not a problem, we handle sewer line leak detection and repair in Newburgh as well.

Common Causes of Gas Leaks

  • Poor Piping Installation: Poor craftsmanship leaves your system prone to leaking. Make sure you only trust our skilled, reliable gas leak repair experts to handle your gas line.
  • Severe Weather Conditions: As a precautionary measure, schedule for gas line leak detection after a natural calamity. Heavy downpour, earthquakes, and tornadoes can damage your heating system.
  • Old Age: It’s not safe to use old gas lines that have been around for more than three decades. These are often filled with rusted, flimsy black iron.

What to Do During a Gas Leak

Gas leaks are very dangerous and could endanger everyone around you. That’s why every homeowner should know what to do if this kind of emergency happens.

  • First, either shut off the gas to your home or ask your gas company to do so if you don't have access to a shut-off valve. Doing so will stop the gas from leaking any further into your property.
  • Next, call our experts at Go Green Express Home Services for gas line leak detection. We can trace exactly where the gas is coming from.
  • Then, unplug all electrical appliances and appliances with ignitors, such as your furnace, within the vicinity. Remember, gas is a highly combustible compound. Air your rooms out by opening the windows. This step is very important because you want to reduce your exposure to gas as much as you can.
  • Finally, evacuate the area and wait for our gas leak repair team to arrive. We’ll try to reach your home as quickly as possible.

Have a different plumbing or heating emergency? Our team can handle it all!

When Should You Call a Gas Leak Detection Company?

Watch out for these warning signs that indicate that your gas line may be leaking:

  • Egg-Like Smell: Companies place an additive in gas that makes it emit an egg-like smell. This makes gas easier to sniff out.
  • Strange Whistling Noises: Call for gas leak repair if you hear an unusual hissing noise in your home – even if you can’t pinpoint where it’s coming from. Both pipes and appliances produce a hissing noise when they leak gas.
  • Dead Grass: If you notice your grass, flowers, and plants starting to wilt for no reason, call us right away. Underground gas leaks negatively affect the health of vegetation.
  • Physical Symptoms: Prolonged exposure to gas may lead to headaches, confusion, dizziness, asthma, nausea, nosebleeds, chest pain, and ringing in the ears.

Don’t hesitate to call our gas line leak detection experts at Go Green Express Home Services if you notice any of the issues listed above.

Ensure your home is 100% safe and free of hazardous gas. If you’re in Newburgh, NY, you can reach Go Green Express Home Services at 845-562-6722.