Clogged Toilet Repair Services in Newburgh and the Hudson Valley

Is your toilet backing up? Reach out to us now for fast, reliable toilet clog removal.

Say goodbye to backed-up toilets for good! At Go Green Express Home Services, we have a highly qualified team of professional plumbers that offer toilet installation, repair, and replacement services in Ulster, Putnam, Orange County, and Newburgh, NY.

Customers continue to trust us with their clogged toilets because we’re very versatile. Unlike other plumbers, we don’t just stick to one unclogging solution. We utilize an array of methods and techniques. This versatility allows us to create unique, personalized clog solutions that vary based on your specific system.

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What Causes Toilet Clogs and How to Repair Them

The most common items that cause clog toilets are:

  • Toilet Paper: Thick, round lumps of tissue are often too thick to pass through sewer pipelines, so they end up blocking the pathway. That's why you should never flush balled up toilet paper. Only flush thin ones that are spread out.
  • Hair: A lot of people unconsciously dump hair down their toilets. These strands may seem harmless individually, but if they clump together, they can block your sewer pipes. To resolve this, break your habit of flushing hair down the toilet.
  • Air Fresheners: Homeowners usually hang air fresheners near the edge of their toilet. This may seem like a good way to get rid of fecal odor, but it also puts your pipes at risk of a clog. Over time, your air freshener will deteriorate, and the string will weaken, break, get flushed, and then get stuck. To ensure this doesn’t happen, opt for air freshener sprays.

Overall, the best way to prevent the need for clogged toilet repair is to avoid flushing random objects.

Signs You May Need a Toilet Replacement

How do you decide whether it’s time to get a new toilet installation? Here are some warning signs:

  • Frequent Clogging: Do you find yourself calling for clogged toilet repair almost every month? Then it might be time for a new toilet installation. Unclogging your toilet too often will only damage the pipes and lead to more severe issues. Opt to replace the fixture instead.
  • Visible Damages: Visible damage such as severe stains and deep cracks are clear signs that indicate you need to get a toilet replacement. You can try to repair them, but doing so might end up costing more in the long run.
  • Wobbling: A wobbling toilet is never safe. If the bolts underneath are loose, then it’s just a matter of tightening them. But if the floor or toilet base has already deteriorated, your toilet may need a complete overhaul.

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Choose Us for Toilet Installation and Repair

Turn straight to Go Green Express Home Services for all your clogged toilet repair needs. Our team is among the best in Newburgh for a reason—a few reasons actually:

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  • Our plumbers are highly skilled: There’s no need to worry about any accidents or mishaps that may ruin the project.
  • We use the best replacement parts and products: You can count on us to use nothing but the best, high-grade products built to endure years of daily usage.

No toilet blockage is too deep or too tough for Go Green Express Home Services. Call 845-562-6722 for urgent, effective toilet unclogging services in Newburgh, NY.