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Water Treatment Orange County NYThere is an increasing concern about the quality of drinking water. Especially as more and more contaminants are found in groundwater supplies. The worry about the possible health problems resulting from these contaminants is causing consumers to seek answers through testing to ensure that the quality of their drinking water is maintained.

What do we find in the water in Orange County? Well to start off, 85% of the water is considered “Hard Water”. Hard Water typically will not harm you but it will likely be bad your plumbing, fixtures and appliances.

Who is responsible for testing the water supplies? For individual wells, the responsibility lies with the homeowner.

For municipal water supplies, the responsibility lies with the “owner” of the supply. Each year, this “owner” has to publish to NYS the results of a water test on their water. This Annual Water Quality Report has to list all contaminants found. Most often found in this area are: Coliform bacteria, Organic Chemicals and MTBE (recent gasoline additive). Check with your local municipality to obtain this report.

Is there a reason for you to be concerned? The answer is YES! The good news is that we can perform a FREE WATER TEST and give you alternative solutions to your problems. Go Green Express’s water treatment products can help your family enjoy crystal clear, safe, clean water.

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Water Treatment Products

We are one of only two companies in the Hudson Valley that have been certified to sell the Sanitizer® by WaterRight® treatment and we are the only local company that sells the Everpure® PRO Series water treatment .

We have tested these products and we carry these products because they solve problems that ordinary systems simply cannot solve. For instance, the Everpure® Pro System lists such prestigious clients as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, McDonalds, Burger King, Disney, US Navy’s entire surface fleet, Air Force One and more.

Our products include:

Our service area includes the following towns in Orange County:

  • Town of Blooming Grove
  • Town of Chester
  • Village of Chester
  • Town of Cornwall
  • Village of
  • Town of Crawford
  • Town of Deer Park
  • Village of Florida
  • Town of Goshen
  • Village of Goshen
  • Town of Greenville
  • Village of Greenwood Lake
  • Town of Hamptonburgh
  • Village of Harriman
  • Town of Highlands
  • Village of Highland Falls
  • Village of Kiryas Joel
  • Village of Maybrook
  • Middletown
  • Town of Minisink
  • Town of Monroe
  • Village of Monroe
  • Town of Montgomery
  • Village of Montgomery
  • Town of Mt. Hope
  • Town of New Windsor
  • City of Newburgh
  • Town of Newburgh
  • Town of Tuxedo
  • Village of Walden
  • Town of Wallkill
  • Hamlet of Wallkill
  • Town of Warwick
  • Village of Warwick
  • Village of Washingtonville
  • Town of Wawayanda
  • Town of Woodbury

We will, of course, install any plumbing fixtures or add-on that you might require. We are always only a phone call away a 866-491-2768.

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