Home Comfort Analysis

Thinking of Upgrading your Heating or Air Conditioning Systems? Contact us for a Home Comfort Analysis

If your system is more than 10 years old, it may be as much as 50% less efficient than current systems. That means you are blowing money right out of your pocket as you try to blow hot air out of your house.

New systems can literally cut your cooling bills in half.

Still, don’t stumble blindly into a decision you may later regret! Why not allow our specially trained Systems Engineers and Installation Technicians do an in-depth analysis of your home and comfort systems and give you the options for the optimal Total Comfort Solution that’s right for you?

We’ll evaluate the age and condition of your current air conditioning system and controls, as well as the overall condition of your home’s insulation and other relevant factors. This service may be FREE to qualified customers.

Temperature Control Problems

A programmable thermostat can save up to 30% on energy costs and make your home more comfortable by automatically adjusting the temperature for sleeping, vacation, weekends or workdays. What’s more, it offers the most precise temperature control available (±1°F, .5°C).

You zone your homes electricity and plumbing. By zoning your homes furnace, you can gain precise control over the comfort of each room or area. If used with programmable thermostats, you can save energy at the same time.

Humidity Problems

A whole-house humidifier makes replenishing the moisture in your homes’ air easy, effective and safe. Only Honeywell Enviracaire Elite humidifier pads feature an advanced antimicrobial agent to prevent the surface growth and migration of bacteria, mold, fungus and algae.

A Perfect Window Fresh Air Ventilation System is an effective and energy efficient was of helping to deal with too much humidity. It takes the load off your air conditioner-and your budget.

Air Quality Problems

A whole-house High Efficiency Electronic Air Cleaner by Honeywell is the most effective air cleaner you can buy. It removes up to 95% of microscopic airborne particles that pass through the filter.

A whole-house Ultraviolet Air Treatment System zaps airborne germs and prevents mold spore growth on air conditioning coils.

A Perfect Window™ Fresh Air Ventilation System provides fresh air year ’round without opening windows and wasting energy. It also dilutes and exhaust fumes, odors and gases.

Multiple Problems

If you need to add one or more of the above pieces of equipment for your home ask us about the Honeywell Perfect Climate Comfort Center Control System. It’s an all-in-one control that can manage temperature, humidity, fresh air ventilation, air cleaning and fan circulation from a single panel.

Use this checklist as your single guide when you work with Go Green Express Home Services. By adding comfort accessories to your heating and cooling system you can achieve a Total Comfort home.

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