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Heat Pumps How Green Are You? 

Newburgh Heat Pump Installation & Repair

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At Go Green Express Home Services, we are committed to helping you find the right heating and cooling systems to meet your needs and budget. We’re also here to make sure that no matter what system you have, it’s always working safely and efficiently so your home comfort is 100% worry free!

Heat pumps will heat and cool your home for less. Because heat pumps move heat rather than generate heat at the source, they can provide up to four times the amount of heating and cooling from the energy that they consume.

Whether you are installing a new heat pump system, need a repair or just require routine heat pump maintenance, when it comes to the comfort and safety of your family, why settle for anyone less than the specialists?

Serving Orange, Dutchess, Ulster, Putnam, and Rockland County, New York. Call us today at (845) 253-4053 or contact us online for an estimate.

What Is a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are unique in that they can do the work of both a furnace and an air conditioner. With a heat pump system, there is no need to install separate heating and cooling systems for your home. Heat pumps work very efficiently, because they simply transfer heat from one location to another, rather than burn fuel to create the heat.

Heat pumps are generally used to draw heat out of the air or the ground as a way to heat a home or office building. When reversed, a heat pump can be used to cool a building. Heat pumps and air conditioners both operate in a similar way. Simply put, a heat pump can pump heat either “into your home” or “out of your home.” This is how it can serve as both a heating and cooling machine.

How Can a Heat Pump Save Energy?

For colder climates, such as New York, heat pumps offer an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners. During the fall and winter seasons, heat pumps transfer available heat from the cool outdoors into your warm house. During the spring and summer seasons, heat pumps transfer heat from your cool house into the warmer outdoors. Because heat pumps move heat rather than generate heat at the source, heat pumps can provide up to four times the amount of heating and cooling from the energy that they consume.

For cold climates, the efficiency and capacity of air-source heat pumps are reduced as the temperature drops. Because of this, supplemental heating systems are always required. However, the economy gains are still dramatic enough to make this system a viable choice depending on the specifics of your home and the cost of competing fuels.

Compared to heating with straight electricity, a heat pump or a split residential heat pump can trim the amount of power you use by up to one third. With a fossil fuel alternative, the fuel savings are less dramatic but still significant. If you have fossil fuel as a supplementary source you can have the best of both worlds: the raw output of the fossil fuel, at low outdoor temperatures, with the efficiency of the heat pump during the more common, milder weather that we experience in this region most of the year.

Regular maintenance is needed to keep your system running properly, as neglect will, over time, reduce a heat pump’s efficiency.

When you become a Go Green Express Home Services Service Partner Plan member, you’ll sleep easier because you no longer have to worry about the condition of your heat pump. We’ll do all the worrying for you. Call us at (845) 253-4053 for more information!

Other Types of Heat Pumps

For homes without ducts, there is a ductless versions of air-source heat pumps called a mini split heat pump. There is also another type of air-source heat pump called a “reverse cycle chiller” that generates hot and cold water rather than air. This allows the unit in a heating mode to be used with radiant floor heating systems.

The absorption heat pump is a new type of heat pump for residential systems. Rather than electricity, absorption heat pumps use heat as their energy source. They include natural gas heat pumps, solar-heated heat pumps and geothermal heat pumps. There are even ductless heat pumps to warm your home!

Heat Pump Installation & Repair Services

Go Green Express Home Services is fully licensed and insured for all of your heating and cooling needs. We can help you determine the most energy-efficient heat pump system to suit your home or office. Our professional technicians will perform an expert installation, and help answer all your questions and needs. We will expertly size your new heat pump system to ensure that it meets your daily requirements and provide the best performance while providing the greatest energy efficiency. We feature top heat pump brands including Goodman and Amana.

We provide heat pump installation and heat pump repair services to Dutchess, Orange, Ulster, Putnam, and Rockland Counties in New York.

Speak to one of our customer service representatives by calling (845) 253-4053 today.

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