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Go Green Express Home Services specializes in environmentally safe HVAC solutions. Because we care about the health of our children and our planet, we strive to be responsible in all areas of our service.

We help Hudson Valley, NY homeowners increase the efficiency of their plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical services in the effort to save valuable dollars. In a changing world with a tougher economy, our dedication to help conserve energy is not only for the planet – it is for your pocket book.

We serve Orange, Dutchess, Ulster, Putnam and Rockland County, New York.

Green Tax Credits – How Can I Save Money?

Today, you can buy brand new heating and cooling systems – including combined systems – that operate at up to 95% efficiency. This means that only about 5% of the energy and fuels needed to run your systems is wasted. By contrast, and if your current systems are at least 8 years old, chances are they operate at no better than 60% efficiency. Think about that for a second, and then consider how much extra you’re paying on your electricity and fuel bills -and how much you can save with a replacement.

Hudson Valley Renewable Energy Systems

Heat PumpsEnergy-Efficient Boilers: An efficient boiler saves energy by recovering and using heat that would otherwise be lost, high-efficiency or condensing boilers use less gas to produce the same amount of heat as standard boilers.

Biomass Boilers: What is a biomass boiler? Biomass boilers burn a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels called biomass (wood chip, wood pellet or cereals).

Ground Source Heat Pumps: Ground source heat pumps, or heat pump systems, use solar energy naturally stored in soil, bedrock and groundwater as a heat source. The main advantage is the efficient production up to five times, as much heat energy for every unit of electricity they use.

Air Source Heat Pumps: Air source heat pumps convert the energy created by the outside air into heat, giving a comfortable temperature inside the home and reducing heating costs by on average 50% compared to traditional systems.

Under Floor Heating: Under floor radiant heating requires less energy to heat a space than traditional radiators, reducing energy costs on average between 15% and 40%. They are simple to install and can be combined with other heat distribution systems where necessary.

Hydronic Underfloor Heating: Hydronic under floor heating systems use under floor pipes in a similar way to central heating, however they are far more-cost effective and energy efficient.

Electric Underfloor Heating: Electric under floor heating systems keep the whole house warm in the colder months without wasting money and energy.

High Efficiency Systems Can Pay for Themselves

Let’s say you pay $3,000 to have your current central air compressor replaced. Prior to that purchase, running your central AC system added about $1,200 to your annual electric bill. With your new compressor now operating at 95% efficiency, you’ll save about $400 off next year’s electric bill. Which means in just over 7 years, the new compressor will have paid for itself. Plus, there are government and manufacturer rebates available for high-efficiency equipment purchases.

Trust the fact that Go Green Express Home Services is all the resource you’ll ever need for high-efficiency home comfort systems.

It’s the Green thing to do, and can add up to significant savings in the process.

Hudson Valley Solar EnergyHudson Valley Solar Energy

Solar hot water is a fantastic way to save money and energy. The sun radiates an immense amount of energy to the Earth. If it could all be tapped, the amount of solar radiation that reaches the globe every half hour would be enough to meet worldwide energy consumption requirements for an entire year.

Flat Plate Collectors: Turn heat radiated by the sun into hot water. The liquid that circulates through these thermal solar panels is heated by sunlight; this then passes through a coil in the water tank which in turn heats the water stored in the tank. Learn more about flat plate collectors.

Evacuated Tube Collectors: Use the sun’s warmth to heat water. Unlike flat plane collectors, evacuated tube collectors are made up of several cylindrical collectors, which sit in parallel. These panels can collect more solar energy as the cylinders capture the sun from many angles.

System Add-ons for Increased Comfort

Thermostat ZoningIf things aren’t as comfortable as you’d like them to be, sometimes the answer might be a simple system add-on vs. a brand new system.

Here are just some of the additional ways we can help enhance your family’s indoor comfort and well-being:

  • Zoning to provide warm or cool area in those areas of your home where you spend the most time;
  • Programmable thermostats so you’re not wasting energy to heat or cool an empty home.temperatures adjust at pre-set times so your home will be nice and comfortable by the time you arrive;
  • Electronic air cleaners to help remove harmful indoor pollutants;
  • Humidifiers;
  • De-humidifiers;
  • And more.

Home Energy Audit: Hudson Valley residents -find out how much money you can save on your energy bills and how you can permanently cut your costs and conserve energy!

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