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A boiler is the heart of almost every home. It provides the heating and hot water for you and your family. Selecting the right gas boiler can have a significant impact on your home life and the environment, as well as your wallet. And keeping your home’s central heating system running efficiently and without interruption requires regular care and maintenance from experts you can trust.

A hot water boiler is an appliance used to heat water for a hydronic heating system. The hot water is distributed through the home in pipes and radiate heat into the rooms with either a steel radiators, cast iron radiators or through baseboard convectors. Radiant heating systems provide heat by circulating hot water through special piping installed in and under floors, in walls and in ceilings.

The water in the heating system is circulated back to the boiler to be re-heated and re-circulated through the pipes to provide heat.

Gas-fired boilers are fueled with either natural gas or propane. They can also burn fuel-oil (oil-fired). Fuel-oil boilers require higher maintenance than gas-burning boilers and they require regular attention to the oil filter and blower.

Consumer Hint: Utility companies sometimes offer cash rebates and other incentives for consumers to invest in higher efficiency systems. Allow us to check with your power company to see if any such opportunities are available.

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Energy Costs

If you are lucky enough to be a natural gas customer, your total fuel cost has seen a decline over the last year. There is an unprecedented and widening spread between natural gas and fuel oil /propane. If you are on, or near, a natural gas line, start thinking hard about converting. The five-year average makes this a compelling argument for a quick payback. NYSERDA has a great website with fancy charts showing excellent comparisons of the different fuel choices residents of the Mid-Hudson Valley have.

Installing a high efficiency boiler makes both economical and environmental sense. This is especially good if your existing boiler has a combustion efficiency of less than 70%.

Components of a Hot Water Boiler

The boiler is more complex than a forced air furnace. It has more parts, valves and controls. Gas-fired boilers are fairly reliable and most repair problems, when they occur, usually relate to the expansion tank or water circulator pump(s).

Below is a list of the major components of the boiler for a forced-water heating system:

Gas Hot Water BoilersHot Water Supply Side

  • Aquastat – Thermostat that regulates the boiler’s temperature.
  • Gas Valve and Burners – Combustion assembly that heats the water chamber.
  • Combination Pressure / Temperature Gauge – Monitors water temperature and pressure.
  • Water Feed Valve – Controls water flow to boiler.
  • Pressure Relief Valve – Helps maintains correct water pressure at about 12-15 psi.
  • Air Vent – Purges air from the hydronic system.
  • Expansion Tank – Allows for the expansion of water as it heats.
  • Flow Control Valve – Regulates the flow of hot water to the heating system.
  • Pressure Relief Valve – Relieves water pressure when it gets too high.

Hot Water Return Side

  • Circulator – Electric pump that circulates water through the system.
  • Drain Valve – Valve that opens to allow draining the boiler.

Price of Oil Heating vs Gas Heating

The price of natural gas heating compared to oil heating can varies depending on several factors. A high efficiency gas fired boiler with an AFUE of 89% or higher costs less to heat your home then an oil fired boiler. However, an older gas fired heating unit it would be more expensive to operate. With today’s current technology most natural gas and LP boilers are rated high efficiency.

Gas fired units tend to break down less and when they break down its only a handful of things that go wrong compared to an oil burner where there is hundreds of parts that cab break.

Give us a call to learn your options if you are interested in converting your oil boiler or furnace to gas.

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