Go Green FAQs

Q: What is Go Green Express Home Services?

A: Go Green Express is a new home-service company that has acquired the assets of Wolfe Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, Inc. and all its affiliates. Go Green is supported by business-leading partners from across the nation and will serve the Mid-Hudson Valley—offering customers a wide range of home services and new “green” concepts; this will help the customers save large amounts of money over the years, will help families live more comfortably and will help conserve the environment.

Q: Are the technicians the same?

A: Some of the previous “Wolfe” technicians will continue to shine at Go Green Express Home Services, along with some new additions. All of the Go Green technicians well be well-qualified and trained thoroughly to ensure that customers receive the highest level of professional service.

Q: Are the services the same?

A: Go Green is your complete home-service company—offering the same services that made “Wolfe” plumbing one of the largest companies in the Mid-Hudson Valley and, at the same time, expanding and adding more services for customers today. There will be no call that GGEHS will not consider. Call to request a line card for a list of services. We can email it to you right away!

Q: Is my “Wolfe” warranty or “Wolfe” Partner Plan still valid?

A: Yes. As long as your contractual agreements have been met and are up to date, Go Green Express will honor all warranties and Service Partner Plans.

Q: How is Go Green Express different from Wolfe Plumbing?

A: Go Green will take the standard for service companies to the next level: from the support of industry leaders across the United States. GGEHS is a larger company and will offer a much wider variety of services—with many options to save customers money.

Q: What makes Go Green Express different than other plumbing, heating or home service companies?

A: Go Green offers top-of-the-line service by highly-trained and qualified technicians and has a full-time support staff to help each customer efficiently. Go Green is also your one-stop service company, offering customers complete repair and/or replacement solutions; additionally, Go Green will be the industry leader for “green” solutions that will help save customers save money, be more comfortable and add value to their home.

Q: Are the rates the same?

A: Go Green will offer competitive rates to customers along with consistent ways to save money. Many coupons are available through email and direct mailing campaigns. Call today and leave your email to receive the latest discounts and service promotions!

Q: Does Go Green Express focus solely on “green” solutions or concepts?

A: Go Green offers a variety of solutions for your home and service needs. We will help you choose the best possible way to remedy your problem, and the choice will always be up to you.

Q: Does Go Green offer a “24-Hour” Emergency Service?

A: Yes. Go Green will offer a 24-hour emergency service that will be available at any time: even on weekends and holidays. There will never be a time that Go Green will not answer the call.

Q: Is there anything I have to do, as a previous “Wolfe” customer, to switch to Go Green?

A: The transition to Go Green will be seamless. All of the phone numbers will stay the same. Former “Wolfe” customers must simply continue with their current contractual agreements—including yearly inspections. Our office will be contacting and updating customers with the latest developments.

Q: How do I contact Go Green?

A: If you have an old “Wolfe” number or email, then don’t worry about learning new information, it will still work. However, Go Green can be reached at any of the following:

Phone: 866-491-2768
Fax: 845-564-0793
Email: info@ggehs.com
Website: www.ggehs.com

If you have any further questions, or would like to schedule an appointment or estimate, please don’t hesitate to call Go Green Express Home Services today: your one-stop home service company!