Ductless Mini-Split Services in Newburgh and the Hudson Valley

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An air conditioning system is one of the most effective ways to maintain indoor comfort levels. However, if you don't have existing ductwork in your home or if you are apprehensive about an increase in humidity, a ductless mini-split AC system is your best option.

We offer a wide range of ductless mini-split air conditioner services in Newburgh, NY. At Go Green Express Home Services, our installation, repair, and maintenance services are customer-oriented, and our technician team has extensive experience with these appliances.

Don't worry about system upkeep, either. We can handle that as well!Check out our AC maintenance services.

What Is a Ductless Heating and Air System?

A ductless heating or cooling system can regulate indoor air temperatures without the use of ducts. This type of system is generally compact and ideal for heating or cooling individual rooms such as bedrooms or offices.

These units are also valuable as add-ons to central air conditioning systems. If your existing AC doesn't effectively maintain temperatures throughout your home, a ductless mini-split installation may be a viable option.

Modern ductless AC units are highly sophisticated with quiet operation, high energy-efficiency, and high heating and cooling capacity. High-end models also feature hand-held remotes for added convenience.

Benefits of a Ductless System

There are several benefits to installing a ductless mini-split system instead of a conventional unit. The most prominent advantage of these systems is that they don't require the installation of air ducts, which reduces installation time and costs—that means there is no duct cleaning involved in their maintenance too.

These systems also don’t pollute the inside of your home with contaminants such as dust, mold, and bacteria. Additionally, this type of unit doesn’t increase humidity levels as conventional units do, so they don’t promote the accumulation of mold and other allergens.

Ductless split systems are highly energy-efficient, and they allow for optimal indoor temperature regulation at a relatively low cost.

If there are existing ducts in your home, contact us for a standard AC installation service.

Ductless System Repair

Mini-split AC unit defects can affect your unit’s ability to heat or cool your home and reduce its energy-efficiency. That’s why at Go Green Express Home Services, we provide professional repair services to customers in Newburgh. Contact us if you notice any of the following issues:

  • Restricted airflow
  • Problems with temperature regulation
  • A sudden increase in your energy bill

A functioning ductless mini-split AC system will reduce your energy costs, allow for temperature regulation in individual rooms, and enhance indoor comfort levels.

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