Burst Pipe Repair

Dealing with a burst pipe? Don’t panic. Remain calm and call our water line repair experts at Go Green Express Home Services. We handle leaks and freeze-ups in pipes of all types and sizes—from small indoor leaks to serious main water line damage.

Our expert plumbers are ready to respond in Orange, Dutchess, Ulster, and Putnam County. Just give us a call, and we’ll be there right away.

Issue with your sewer rather than a water line? We offer sewer line repair too.

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What to Do When Your Pipes Burst

Having your pipes explode can be very scary, but it’s important to remain calm and objective. Otherwise, you could end up making things worse.

First, turn off your main water supply. If it’s in the middle of winter, bring a hairdryer with you so you can thaw out the valve in case it’s frozen. Next, give us a call. Just tell us what happened, and we’ll do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

While waiting for our team, try to clean up the mess your busted pipes made as much as possible. A clean, dry area is much easier to work on. Plus, you’ll get a chance to inspect where the leak is coming from and can minimize the water damage to your home.

Are your pipes draining slowly? Reach out to our drain cleaning team. We can get things flowing again.

Common Causes of Burst Pipes

Generally, pipes should be able to withstand daily wear and tear. Sudden water pressure changes won’t even put a dent in a well-maintained pipe. What could make your pipes burst, then? There are a number of causes including:

  • Severe Blockage: Don’t ignore pipe blockages. These force unnecessary stress on your pipes. Over time, the excess water pressure will expand your pipes and then eventually lead to bursting.
  • Freezing: A frozen pipe is very likely to explode. That’s why you should call us for repairs as soon as you notice the issue. Defrosting the line is a lot more cost-efficient than a burst pipe repair.
  • Old Age: Most pipes last 40 to 60 years. Any longer than that and they become brittle, flimsy, and prone to breaking. If you live in an old home that has been around for decades now, you might want to consider a new water pipe installation.

We Do Emergency Water Line Repair

What makes pipe bursts scary is the fact that they often go unnoticed for hours. Some homeowners only notice it once the water pools. As a Newburgh or New Windsor homeowner, you should do a routine check on your pipes every now and then to ensure they’re in tip-top condition.

  • Outside Hose Bib: A frozen hose bib is very common during the wintertime. If these pipes keep getting frozen every year, it’ll only be a matter of time until they explode.
  • Basement: Most homeowners don’t use their basements, so heating it doesn’t seem very practical. However, this practice leaves your pipes prone to freezing.
  • Exterior Walls: The pipes hidden in your exterior walls are exposed to the outside air so they’re usually one of the first ones to freeze. To prevent that, add an extra layer of insulation.

If you notice anything wrong with your pipes, don’t hesitate to call our water line repair team. We have the tools needed to fully inspect your plumbing system.

Prevention Plan

“Hello… Your toilet is running. Would you like us to take care of that for you?”


The first of its kind in the Hudson Valley, Go Green Express Home Services has invested in preemptive care for your home. We offer an app-based cellular-based monitoring system that tracks when components go wrong in your home before they become big problems. Monitoring your home remotely means we’ll send you error codes – much like when the engine light is on in your car and the mechanic reads the error code to find the problem. GGEHS cares even when you’re not there!



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