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Why High-Velocity Air Conditioning Is a Cool Choice for Older Homes

Small duct, high-velocity air conditioning systems work by delivering cooled air at a high velocity. These air currents circulate throughout rooms or throughout an entire house, creating more even temperatures. Because they do not require bulky ducts and extensive renovation to install, high-velocity air conditioning is a good option for many older or historic homes.

While conventional forced-air central air conditioning uses large ducts to deliver cooled air, high-velocity systems use “mini-ducts”.  They are flexible, 2-inch-wide tubing that can be snaked between studs in walls, through closets and between the spaces between floors. It can be installed with virtually no disruption to livable space or to any interior architectural features. Because the tubing is seamless, it doesn’t waste energy through leaks like sheet metal. It’s also flexible, so passages have no corners to accumulate dust, pollen, or mold.

High-velocity systems also work well for new homes that have radiant floor heating. Because these homes don’t have bulky heating ductwork, smaller high-velocity ducts provide a good cooling option.

There are more vents in more locations with a high-velocity AC system. This leads to a more consistent airflow and temperature throughout the house. With proper installation of the ducts, there are no drafts. However, conventional AC systems use larger ducts and pass air silently, but the smaller tubes in high-velocity systems are smaller and nosier – a negative for many homeowners.

Conventional AC systems are more visible and require more space. A high-velocity unit requires less space and can be set up in one area for the supply and return requirements. Though it requires less disruption of existing walls and ceilings, the specialized ductwork can be more expensive to buy and install. However, this cost should be balanced against the cost of any remodeling work required for a retrofit. Depending on the amount of renovation needed, a high-velocity system may be more cost-efficient.

For people looking to cool just a hot spot or a particular room, a ductless split system air conditioner is a good alternative. To condition a larger area, you’ll want to go with a central air conditioning system of some sort.

If you are a homeowner with an old or historic house and you are reluctant to cut up your walls or lower the ceilings with metal ductwork, high-velocity air conditioning may be just what you need!

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