Tips For Worry-Free Kitchen Plumbing

Technician Under SinkYour kitchen accounts for about ten percent of your household water consumption. Though kitchen plumbing problems are common, there are step you can take to minimize and prevent leaks.

A typical kitchen plumbing system consists of the cold and hot water inlets and the drain for the sink. Modern kitchens often have other appliances such as waste disposal systems, water filtration systems, dishwashers, ice making machines in the refrigerator. Your waste disposal unit and dishwasher typically connect to the kitchen sink plumbing.

Your kitchen sink and faucet are generally more prone to leaks and damage than other kitchen appliances. Here are some tips to save water and to help keep your kitchen pipes clear and working properly.

  • Do regular maintenance checks of your kitchen plumbing system. Check for water stains or leaks under your sink and near the walls.
  • Fix your leaky faucets! A leaky faucet that drips at the rate of one drip per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons of water per year. If you are leaking hot water, you are paying for wasted energy as well. Leaks won’t go away on their own, so you should fix them as soon as you find them.
  • Insulate your hot water pipes to save energy and to get hot water from your faucet faster.
  • Never poor cooking oil, grease or food remnants into a sink drain. Those materials will damage not only your plumbing system, but can also damage or cause blockages to your sewer and waste treatment system.
  • Run water during and after each use of your sink or disposal. Make sure the water runs long enough to fully flush the food. Food that remains in your disposal can create a bacteria buildup. This can make odors and cause your pipes to corrode from the inside out.
  • Consider installing a water filtration system. This will eliminate minerals and metals that can build up and cause pipe damage.

A recurring clog in your kitchen sink can be a very serious problem. It may be a blocked trap or there may be a blockage deep in the pipeline. If you don’t take care of your kitchen plumbing system, you can end up with an expensive plumbing repair bill.

Deep or persistent blockages can only be fixed by a professional plumber. They will have the expertise to provide you with a thorough inspection, let you know about existing or potential plumbing or pipe trouble, and give helpful advice on fixing and keeping the problem from occurring again.

If you have a kitchen plumbing problem beyond your ability to fix or you have a plumbing emergency, call Go Green Express Home Services at (845) 253-4053. We provide residential and commercial plumbing services to DutchessOrange, Ulster, Putnam and Rockland County, NY.