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Replacing Your Heating System In The Winter

For some Hudson Valley homeowners, this cold spell has marked the end of the line for their old furnace or boiler. Having to replace a furnace, boiler or entire heating system this time of year can be especially inconvenient.

Ideally, it’s best to get have your furnace or boiler serviced in the fall before the cold weather. Replacing a furnace or heating system in the dead of winter can inconvenient and uncomfortable to the homeowner.

If a repair can be made, it makes sense to wait until spring to install a new furnace or heating system. The cost of installing a furnace in the middle of winter can be higher simply because there are more repairs and replacements during the winter. In an emergency, an HVAC company may have to pay employees overtime to deal with the number of jobs.

Sometimes a replacement is absolutely necessary, particularly where the unit is very old or has a serious mechanical problem like the cracked heat exchanger. No matter the cause, going without heat for too long can be dangerous and can cause other related problems, such as frozen or burst pipes.

While you can purchase a new furnace yourself, most contractors won’t warranty it. Even if you select an energy efficient boiler, without the proper settings and calibration, the unit may inefficiently burn fuel, costing you more money than it should. In many areas, the installation must be performed by a licensed technician and the installation must be certified to conform to local building codes.

If your furnace or boiler is not working right, it’s best to have an HVAC professional check your system. You may have several options available. Sometimes just a repair is needed, while other times the system may be past its prime and ready for replacement. At some point, it becomes less expensive to replace than to pay for continual repairs and higher fuel costs that come with older units.

The silver lining to a cold-weather replacement is that when it is finished, you have brand-new equipment that should provide years of comfort. If you’ve been thinking about switching from oil to gas, it’s the best time to do it. You will also find that your new system will be more efficient and save you money in long-term on energy bills.

Those energy savings can help offset your replacement costs. Also, financing options exist with flexible payment options. Rebates from your utility company are also available that can also help ease the pain.

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