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Home Energy Audits Reveal Insulation and Air Conditioning Issues

Green HouseFor the cost-conscious and energy-conscious homeowner, a home energy audit is a very useful tool. As summertime drives up the temperature and your energy bills, having a qualified technician test your home energy efficiency can definitely pay off.

A home energy audit is where you can evaluate your home’s overall energy efficiency, the problems that may exist, and provide a road map in deciding how to reduce your energy consumption and costs. It is more than just an evaluation of your heating and cooling systems. An audit provides a benchmark that you can use to measure your energy-saving progress.

When evaluating a home’s air conditioning system, there are a number of areas that are inspected. The aspects of a home energy audit in relation to AC include the following:

Doors and Windows: Areas where major air leaks occur generally include doors and windows. Newer, more efficient windows can save up to 30 percent on heating and cooling costs. Most homeowners can easily replace door gaskets and improve window insulation.

Insulation:  An energy audit will determine your home’s insulation status. Insulation is important in keeping your home a consistent temperature. A properly insulated attic can cut thermal energy loss and cut energy bills by up to 30%. Areas that should also be checked include the basement, walls, floor and home foundation.

Air Leaks: Light switches, electrical outlets, fireplaces, ductwork and window-mounted air conditioning units are all areas where air can leak. Built-in ceiling light fixtures and electrical outlets and switch plates can cause significant air loss as air is pulled in or pushed out from air pressure changes within the home.  It is critical to check that all areas are correctly sealed.

An evaluation of your entire home, including your ac system, will give you a clear picture of where you are losing the most energy, and what you can do to reduce your energy loss. Making your home more energy efficient often involves an up-front cost, but the long-term savings more than pay for the upgrades and will make your home a more comfortable place to live!

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