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It’s Not Rocket Science but Routine Maintenance Makes a Big Difference

We typically hear; I can change my own filter thank you very much. The reality is a lot of times it does not actually get accomplished. The results are predictable but not always obvious unless the worst-case scenario happens. Modern comfort machinery is extremely resilient and dependable. Believe it or not, rarely do you experience the breakdown. Because it keeps working does not mean it is doing you any favors. It bleeds you monthly behind the scenes.

Deferred maintenance does not mean we are stupid or lazy or have gobs of money to waste. Commonly homeowners do not calendar it, or miss fundamentals that are important but not urgent. Systems are increasingly complex with subtle issues that really can use the oversight of a professional. What is obvious to someone who does it every day can make a world of difference to your living environment and your pocketbook.

The result is we pay more, in some cases a lot more, we provoke heating and air conditioning breakdowns, and compromise the comfort in our living environment as well as our health.

I used to envy the utility guys who I spent quite a bit of time with. In the absence of good maintenance practices, their source of revenue goes up. The meter spins in the background and the customers feel that the invoice is a fixed obligation and that is “just the way it is”.

We can have a lot more control over our utility bill, and a healthy and comfortable indoor environment than most people realize. It is not rocket science but it is building science. It takes thought to understand, some technical skill and specialty tools to do well. Maintenance consistency optimizes your equipment, improves comfort, and minimizes utility expense.

A service agreement with a good service provider can take most of the hassle out of the process and often pays for itself. It’s not rocket science although if we look at the statistics it might as well be.

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