A Win-Win Business Proposition

Calculator We provide trained, hard working, talented and motivated individuals who you can trust in your home.   You can be comfortable with this as we do extensive background checking and technical evaluation, as well as significant ongoing training. They are competent, clean and can efficiently figure out what is wrong or what you need and give you options. They come prepared with tools and products and create packaged solutions to some nagging problem. They customize pathways to a trouble free, dependable, comfortable and energy efficient tomorrow at a reasonable cost.

You provide clear direction on what the problem is or what you are trying to achieve. You choose the options that feel most cost-effective to you. We agree upon a scope of products and services in advance and you only pay us when you are completely satisfied.  

This is the way to do business.  
Our goal is to make you so happy that you keep our phone number handy and also refer us to a friend. We are drawn to this business because we love to fix things and help people. If we are successfully going to be able to replicate this process year after year, it has to be a viable business model.

The customer service business is both rewarding and challenging at the same time. We often have concerns about the cost of providing high-quality service and take these concerns very seriously. Often times it seems the real problem is a communication failure at some point in the process. Because we provide much more than a repaired part or an off the shelf unit, it is not obvious how much time, effort, specialized skill and product went into the final delivered product.

It reminds me of buying a steak dinner at a restaurant versus picking up the ingredients at the grocery store. You are paying more but you are also getting more. There are elements to this steak that make it a lot more than a steak, and this creates a completely different experience.  

Delivering high-level customized service is a lot like this.  It can be technically challenging, complicated and stressful. Our organizational mission is to take that burden on completely so that our customer gets it fixed quickly without any of that hassle. With good communication, it can be a wonderful experience with a much better long-term payback than a great restaurant.

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