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5 Facts About Geothermal Cooling

Geothermal cooling systems have several advantages over conventional air-conditioning systems. They are efficient, economical, comfortable and environmentally-friendly. Here are a few facts you may not have known about geothermal systems.

Geothermal energy has been around for as long as the Earth itself. “Geo” means earth, and “thermal” means heat. So, geothermal means earth-heat. Global geothermal energy has been calculated to be greater than the resource bases of coal, oil, gas, and uranium combined.

A single system can warm and cool your home. Just one geothermal unit can provide for both your heating and cooling needs. In the summertime or in warm weather, the system extracts heat and humidity and transfers it to the cooler earth. In the winter, radiant heat from the earth is drawn out and used to warm your home.

Geothermal heat pumps are similar to ordinary heat pumps. However, instead of using heat found from the outside air, geothermal heat pumps use the stable, even heat of the earth to provide air conditioning and heat for distribution throughout the home.

A geothermal heat pump is four to five times more efficient than a gas furnace. During the heating season, a geothermal system can remove this energy from the earth at an efficiency of around 400%. This efficiency also provides a longer lifespan for the equipment.

A geothermal system can cut your utility bill by 30 to 50 percent when compared to conventional heating and air conditioning systems.

Geothermal systems are long-lasting. The systems are often quieter than other units and systems, and a unit can remain operational for up to 30 years!

One reason against geothermal is that the systems are about 30% more expensive than traditional HVAC systems. However, if you plan on living in your home for more than five years, they can be worth the additional cost. For new construction on a larger home, the payback is even faster.

Go Green Express Home Services can help you determine the most energy-efficient geothermal system to suit your needs. Our professional technicians will expertly install your new geothermal system to ensure that it provides the best performance,  the greatest energy efficiency and makes you eligible for available tax credits.

We provide geothermal services to the Mid-Hudson Valley, including Dutchess, Orange, Ulster, Putnam and Rockland County, New York. Speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives by calling (845) 253-4053 today.