Go Green Express Introduces ‘Local’ Service

Newburgh, NY: Go Green Express Home Services, headquartered in Newburgh, New York, launched its Go Green Local Community Assistance program in April. The program provides a donation to a local not-for-profit each month. “We have always supported our community, but this is a new vehicle for us to reach those in need,” remarks Ed Wolfe, Managing Director. “Go Green Express Home Services has expertise in energy conservation and “Green” home heatingcooling, and plumbing technologies that will enhance the lives of our customers,” he continues. “The Go Green Local will enhance the lives of everyone in our community.”

Website visitors can nominate a not-for-profit to get a stop on the Go Green Local at the Go Green Express Home Services website, www.ggehs.com/GoGreenLocal, or through Facebook or Twitter. Each month, a not-for-profit will receive a Whistle Stop from the Go Green Local and a donation.

The April donation of $1,000 was awarded to the Orange County Women’s Leadership Fund, which funds collaborative projects designed to promote financial stability, independence, and opportunities for local women and girls. The donation helped sponsor the organization’s annual fund-raising event, “The Power of the Purse.”

Go Green Express Home Services LLC provides green plumbing and HVAC services to consumers throughout the Hudson Valley region. The company develops complete, tailored solutions for the design, supply and installation of environmental plumbing including boiler installations, rainwater tanks, solar hot water, and storm water systems. Heating and air conditioning services are maximized for efficiency and minimized for the loss of natural resources.

The Orange County Women’s Leadership Fund (WLF) is a vitally important initiative of the Orange County United Way that promotes the independence, growth, and self-determination of women and girls. The WLF supports projects that generate positive opportunities and help women and girls obtain financial self-reliance. It mobilizes the caring power of women in our communities who, as philanthropic leaders and advocates, positively impact the lives of women and girls in Orange County.