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hyrbrid heat

Heat Cheaper and Better with “Hybrid Heat”

How would you like to heat your house on one-half tank of oil this year or without the utility meter spinning out of its little housing? Without a woodpile, or pellet stove, or ash. With no muss and no fuss while being cozy comfortable.

Fuel costs have risen dramatically. Thankfully there has also been a technology explosion. This has created huge price drops in energy saving alternatives to conventional fossil fuel heating equipment. We can add it to what you already have, and it's affordable.

And what is really exciting is that with our “shades of green” program you can upgrade at your own pace! We can retrofit a hybrid system to your existing home — saving time and money. The reality for most of us is it has to fit the budget. We have a system to fit most any situation. Getting your energy costs under control is a long term strategy that is a great step in financial security for you and your family.

No — you can not buy this at your local big box store. The pieces may be, the finished product is unlikely. With years of experience designing, installing, and maintaining specialized heating and cooling equipment we integrate the best technologies with what you already have.  Partnering with us for long term maintenance and monitoring of this equipment ensures the savings are realized year after year.

By investing in specialized expertise, installation costs can be reduced while maximizing your return on investment. System design elements matched to your home and family. Installed and serviced by a team that cares about your comfort. This is when the magic happens.

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