With the impending snowstorm, we are preparing our primary facility for emergency conditions.  When our partner plan customers have an emergency, we need to have our fleet ready for dispatch.  It does make sense to be self-sufficient while waiting for outside assistance if you have a problem.  Conditions with be tough, travel will be slow for a couple of days.

We should be gassing up our cars, making sure we have plenty of standby fresh water on the shelf, and have extra batteries for our flashlights.  Likely there will be power outages and all of these common-sense items will come in handy.  There is a limit though… we are not preparing for Armageddon… just a few days of inconvenience while the professionals we depend on get things cleaned up.  They have the human resources with the right tools, experience, and an efficient plan to get it done most effectively.

We use a Bobcat skid steer to clear our parking lot.  It makes sense for us because of the need the rapid response and because of the size of our facility and fleet.  We have enough skilled workers on staff to operate and maintain the equipment.  We use it for a few other tasks as well because we occasionally need it for small excavation projects or moving heavy equipment around.

In an emergency, do you have the right tools?  A good question to ask is whether you need the right tools; or the right relationship?  For general plowing and big excavation jobs we use trusted partners.  Efficiencies and cost effectiveness of doing it yourself is something requiring thoughtful contemplation.   When you venture out of your primary areas of expertise; the time, money, risk and rewards are worth considering.

Every time we have a snowstorm we re-consider if having our own piece of equipment makes sense.  We’re always thinking about our processes to help minimize inconvenience and cost for our customers.  So far, we have decided to stick with the Bobcat.  However, we will continue to re-evaluate how we spend our precious time and resources.

If you need assistance in the areas we specialize in, consider becoming one of our partners.  We have the tools and skilled personnel to get the job done correctly and fast.  We are here to help.

If you have a plumbing or heating emergency, call us at 866-491-2768 or schedule an appointment online.