Sometimes when we go out to fix something there is some crazy repair that we feel compelled to stare at for a few minutes.  The previous handyperson meant well.  It may have even worked for a little while.  It may even be a “perfect” replication of the system or components.

There are books written for tradespeople with titles that describe the “dead men” who tutored the author either directly or by his prolific curiosity and research on their lost trade secrets.  Sometimes it makes sense to attempt a repair to bring a system back to the “good old days”.   It worked well for a long time; why not?

Things are changing so fast these days.  A million jobs we’ve seen are popping into this authors head.  So often what made sense on a first installation is not practical or not sensible now.  That does not mean it’s not possible.

Just a few of the obvious considerations when looking at your broken system are:

  • Do I have the skill to fix this back to its original condition?
  • Do I have the tools to do this job efficiently and safely?
  • Are the resources I should expend in time and money justified?
  • When I get done will it really work like it used to?

The less obvious considerations:

  • Is there a better way?  Has technology made this obsolete?
  • Was this the cheap way when originally installed and is it time to upgrade?
  • Was this done right in the first place?
  • What are the new materials and techniques for doing this job?
  • What was the intended use of this device and is there a totally new way to accomplish this mission?
  • Do I really know enough about how this is supposed to work?

We fix, upgrade, and integrate new products into your old house.  That is primarily what we do.  We practice every day, we train weekly, and we integrate new technologies into old houses on a regular basis.  An exact replacement may make sense but we think it makes sense to evaluate almost any repair opportunity in a more comprehensive way.  If you are going to spend your hard-earned dollars on fixing something you depend on; why not consider getting a professional evaluation.

We are here to help.

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