There is no question that “brand” matters to a lot of people.  “Coca Cola” may be the most well known brand in the world, or maybe it is “Apple” now.  Many people love Coca Cola but don’t necessarily drink Sprite or Fanta which are part of the brand family.  Many people love Apple iPhone’s and iPad’s but don’t necessarily use the Apple laptop computer, or an Apple monitor or printer.

This analogy may not work perfectly with mechanical devices in your home.  They are less about attractiveness and form, and more about function and reliability.  They do not come in a single box as they are typically designed and installed with complimentary accessories in a customized way. Most consumers will never interact with these products often enough to have a good feel for the applicability to their specific needs.  Unlike a washing machine or a refrigerator, you don’t use, touch, or see these things every day; at least not in the same way as other major appliances in the home.

If we are discussing a whole home air conditioning or heating system most homeowners will only have a few of these products over their entire lifetime.  This allows very little insight into the reliability of one brand or product over another.  These machines sit behind the scenes and are maybe the unsung heroes or villains of modern life in America.  We take them for granted until they break, and for the most part they are extremely reliable.  So how do you make an assessment as to “brand” when making a major purchasing decision for a home comfort product?

There are many advantages of working with a professional company who specializes in this area.  One advantage is team members gain experience and collect facts regarding these products and systems.  These specialists match the best product to your situation.  A professional service company is specifying, installing, operating, and servicing these products “all day, every day”.  This gives a lot of insight regarding what works and what does not; what brands are reliable and what brands are not.

The fact is… most of the major brands are excellent. The major companies and brands would not survive in this very competitive marketplace if they did not produce excellent products at price points that make sense.  What is not a given is the applicability of a product or system to any given situation.  This is where things can really go wrong.  Online reviews can give some insight into the pluses and minuses of any given brand.  However, this is only part of the picture, and often misleading for a variety of reasons.

The right product for the right situation is often a combination of science and art.  Matching the homeowners wants, needs, and desires to the correct mechanical solution can be best achieved with experienced home comfort advisors.  These individuals have the training, experience and team support to wade through the many brands and options to figure out what is exactly right for your home.

Our experience over tens of thousands of jobs show the most common failures are from misapplication or faulty workmanship, and rarely about the wrong brand.  Different products work better for different situations.  Marrying the appropriate system to the right product and installing them correctly is critical to success.  It’s worth noting that the product, whether a central air or heating unit is often only a third of the system.   The machine may be the heart of the system, but relatively insignificant if the design, control system, or delivery system are deficient.  The workmanship, the serviceability and the ongoing routine maintenance play a major role in the long-term success of any home comfort system.

The brand matters, but the company who designs, installs and stands behind the product and the installation is what really makes the difference.  The most important “brand” in any home comfort scenario is one which maximizes the delivery of “home comfort”!

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