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Your air conditioning system plays a significant role in maintaining your indoor comfort levels. However, an AC is a complicated appliance that consists of a wide range of components that work together. An air handler is one of these components, and it’s crucial in establishing airflow inside your building.

At Go Green Express Home Services, we offer a comprehensive range of air handler repair, installation, and replacement services in Newburgh, NY. Our team of technicians has all the necessary skills and experience to ensure your home stays at just the right temperature.

We fix more than air handlers!We can also provide you with a wealth of other AC repair services.

What Does an Air Handler Do?

An air handler is a metal box that consists of heatingor cooling elements, a blower, a filter chamber, and sound attenuators.

It has two-fold functionality. It is responsible for cooling air with coils or elements inside the unit, and it distributes the conditioned air throughout your home with a blower.An air handler can also increase the temperature of air with a similar process.

As you can imagine, as both of those functions are integral to any central heating and cooling system, your air handler is pretty important.

Signs That Your Air Handler Needs a Repair

If your central heating or cooling system has a malfunction, chances are that the problem may be with the air handler. Indications that this component is defective include:

  • Strange noises: Banging or grinding may be a sign that there is a loose component inside the air handler.
  • Restricted airflow from the blower: Reduced air output is typically an indication that your air handler is defective, as it is the component responsible for the blower’s performance.
  • Temperatures that don’t correlate with your thermostat setting: Inconsistent temperatures may indicate an issue with the coils inside the handler.

At Go Green Express Home Services in Newburgh, we can take care of any of the above air handler defects. Our repair services include a thorough assessment and a consultation to inform you of available options.

If the issue is not with the blower or coils, we can also provide you with an evaporator coil repair.

Importance of Maintenance

Just like the other components in a heating and cooling system, your handler is susceptible to wear and tear. With regular maintenance, however, you can prevent defects and ensure optimal energy-efficiency. Our services include routine air handler maintenance to ensure that this part of your HVAC system is always operational.

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