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Behind the Scenes at Go Green Express Home Services

HVAC & Plumbing Specialists Serving the Hudson Valley, Newburgh, Orange County & All Surrounding Areas in NY

Go Green Express Home Services offers top-of-the-line service by highly-trained and qualified technicians and has a full-time support staff to help each customer efficiently. We offer customers complete repair and/or replacement solutions and “green” solutions that help save customers save money, improve comfort, and add value to their home or business.

There are many advantages and benefits to using GGEHS. Some of them are not very obvious, but they go beyond what many ‘discount’ HVAC companies provide:

Fully Equipped Trucks

We stock our trucks with every imaginable tool and part. We are ready to work right on the spot. This allow us to get the job done quickly and efficiently, without the need to leave during the job for parts or equipment.

Well-Trained Technicians

We are committed to providing you with excellent technical service. That’s why we require our technicians to attend weekly training sessions. We also send them to special schools located all over the country to make sure they are well trained in both technical and customer service matters. We also take advantage of all online training opportunities.

Weekly company and technician meetings are held at the office. In addition, we perform CSE and customer satisfaction training. We’re always looking for the latest and greatest ways to service our customers.

Qualified & Certified Staff

Not only are our service technicians highly skilled and technically qualified, but you can count on them to act in an honest, polite, respectful, and professional manner. Our technicians are subjected to thorough screening before they are hired. We make it a point to hire only those individuals that our owners and managers would feel comfortable having in their own homes with their families.

Part of the Go Green Express Home Services hiring process includes an extensive application and testing process, which by itself weeds out many candidates that would be unsuitable. In addition, we have a strict drug-testing policy which helps insure than no drug or alcohol using individuals will be in your home.

Not only do you receive service from a trained service technician, but every technician has a highly competent and experienced field supervisor who provides valuable backup to each technician. This allows you the security of knowing that every one of our service technicians can get a second opinion about any technical question they may encounter from a highly qualified expert.

Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork…

Nobody likes filling out paperwork, especially government, warranty, and rebate forms. You’ll appreciate the fact that Go Green Express Home Services handles the bulk of the paperwork for you!

We fill out and submit all warranty information for you. All our technicians have checklists to ensure proper procedure on service calls. We take care of all permits, necessary capital improvement forms, and we’ll fill out all available tax credits or rebate for you!

Our easy-to-read invoices detail everything we’ve proposed and/or completed when we’re at your house. You’ll have no confusion or grey areas as to what services are performed!

Finally, we leave copies of all the paperwork with our customers for your reference.


You can always reach us with a live person answering the phone. Our emergency services are active 24/7, 365 days a year!

When you call, we will dispatch a Certified Go Green Express Service Technician who will diagnose the problem, conclude what solutions are necessary, and determine how much the repairs will cost. We confirm each call. We schedule in time blocks and will call to let you know that our technician is on the way. After each appointment, we check-in to make sure you were happy.

All of our pricing is up front. You know what you’ll pay and nothing more! This pricing system gives you the benefit of having a proficient technician who will do the job right the first time. This pricing system is in contrast to time and material pricing systems where you suffer and the company is rewarded for having inexperienced or slow technicians.

100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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Care of Your Home

In serving you, we always wear floor savers over our shoes, and we put drop cloths down to protect your floors and carpets. We also clean up after ourselves by removing all old equipment, materials and refuse and vacuuming after the job is complete. We respect your belongings, and we are committed to leaving your home as clean as we found it.

The little touches make all the difference. Low on thermostat batteries? We’ll change them for you…

Planning for Savings

Updating your heating and cooling systems requires the right planning. We are here to help you find the right brand, the right unit, and the right fuel for your situation. By using the proper load calculations for your home or business, we can come up with a heating and cooling plan that will save you money now – and in the future.

For qualified energy-efficient product or renewable energy system purchases that reduce your electricity and natural gas use, there are tax credits and rebates are available from Federal Government and your local utility company. We’ll help you take advantage of those tax credits and rebates.

Go Green!

Go Green Express Home Services specializes in environmentally safe HVAC solutions. Because we care about the health of our children and our planet, we strive to be responsible in all areas of our service.

We do our part in a variety of ways. Old equipment gets recycled. We specialize in using environment-friendly Freon, and we research the best ways to save you money and protect the environment.

Through our Shades of Green program, you can speak to a trained professional on how you can help protect the planet and your wallet against fuel consumption.

Through our Go Green Express program, we help the community through volunteering and donating.

And Now You Know!

Don’t take a risk with your home. When problems strike, leave it to the experts at Go Green Express Home Services. We use the best materials and we work to local code. We guarantee our service to be on time, on price, clean and green!

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Our Values
  • Your One-Stop-Shop

    Get the peace of mind you deserve knowing we can handle all your home comfort needs.

  • Licensed Technicians

    All our technicians are highly trained and licensed to perform in all of our service areas.

  • Eco Friendly Services

    We provide services to make your home cleaner, greener, and cost-efficient.


Reviews & Testimonials
  • “Thank you John, Miguel, and Brian for the great job in getting our air conditioner system in. Go Green has exceptional public service!!”

    - Joe M.
  • “Brian was the best, very professional, friendly, and he took the time to make friends with my dog. More company employees should be like him.”

    - Jeffery H.
  • “Go Green Express is very prompt, efficient and the worker that that helped me was named Brian. He was very helpful, knowledgeable, and answered all of my questions about a problem I had with my air ...”

    - Louise D.
  • “They were a great crew.”

    - Lisa M.
  • “Just wanted to say thank you for the service I have received.”

    - John H.
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